Lumistor(R) from Kyowa Hakko Selected as Finalist for 2008 NutrAward

(New York, NY) March 6, 2008 – New Hope Natural Media has announced that Kyowa Hakko USA, an international health ingredients manufacturer and world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and food products and pioneer in the development and application of fermentation technology, has been named one of three finalists for the 2008 NutrAward for Lumistor® L-Hydroxyproline, a natural, animal-free fermentation-based amino acid. The winner will be announced on Thursday, March 13, during the Nutracon conference at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel. The conference is the health and nutrition industry's premier science and innovation event, focusing on key issues in the development of supplements, healthy foods, beverages and personal care products.

Lumistor® is a pure, odorless, white crystalline powder that is water soluble and stable across a broad pH range enabling its application within a wide array of cosmetics and toiletries. Lumistor® has a proven safety record for topical and oral use. Studies conducted by Kyowa Hakko have shown that either topical or oral use of L-Hydroxyproline can enhance the synthesis of skin collagen formation and has a positive effect on moisture retention.

"We are honored to be recognized again for another of our innovative, branded nutrition ingredients,” said Charlie Kotani, president of Kyowa Hakko USA. “This is a prestigious industry award and we hope it will join Cognizin® Citicoline as a NutrAward winner.”

“Lumistor® is beneficial as a cosmeceutical and a nutraceutical ingredient for maintaining healthy skin and is recommended for topical use in creams and lotions, or as a dietary supplement,” said Karen E. Todd, director of marketing for Kyowa Hakko USA.

Lumistor® L-Hydroxyproline is a primary constituent of skin collagen, connective tissue and bone. It has a physiological function in stabilizing the collagen 3-D structure. Only the Kyowa patented proprietary fermentation process enables it to produce “natural” L-Hydroxyproline that eliminates any risk of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) or contamination.

“L-Hydroxyproline is an important component of human skin in relatively large amounts which supports its use as a safe dietary ingredient,” said Yoichiro Sugimura, director of business development for Kyowa Hakko USA. “Our clinical studies have confirmed L-Hydroxyproline acts not only as a building block for skin, but as a collagen enhancer as well. With its safety, L-Hydroxyproline has a high potential for use as an effective beauty from within nutrient,” added Sugimura.
The NutrAward program was created to reward and to recognize companies that are investing in rigorous and measurable scientific studies to prove the efficacy of their proprietary ingredients or technologies. Submissions are considered by a selection committee comprised of experts from industry and academia. The committee evaluates submissions based on demonstration of excellence in scientific merit, efficacy, market potential, safety, innovation and ability to increase market credibility.

The Nutracon conference ( is the health and nutrition industry's premier science and innovation event. It focuses on key issues in the development of supplements, healthy foods and beverages and personal care products. Nutracon is co-located with Natural Products Expo West and SupplyExpo.

Kyowa Hakko provides manufacturers and formulators with one of the industry's most extensive lines of over 50 amino acids and related compounds, including D-Amino acids and branched-chain amino acids, as well as nucleic acids, bio-products and fine chemicals. In addition to Lumistor® L-Hydroxyproline, Kyowa Hakko features an array of other branded ingredients including Cognizin® Citicoline, Kyowa CoQ10®, Resilen™ Hyaluronic Acid, Setria® Glutathione and Sustamine™ Alanyl Glutamine Peptide. For more information about Lumistor® and other fine Kyowa Hakko ingredients visit or call 212.319.5353. The email is [email protected].

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