Lutemax 2020 to make Asia-Pacific debut at Food Ingredients China

Lutemax 2020 to make Asia-Pacific debut at Food Ingredients China

OmniActive Health Technologies’ Lutemax 2020 will debut in the Asia-Pacific region at the Food Ingredients China (FIC) trade show in Shanghai, March 23-25, 2011.

OmniActive Health Technologies’ Lutemax 2020, a next generation eye health ingredient that combines the most studied and recognized ingredients for vision support—lutein and zeaxanthin isomers—in enhanced levels, will debut in the Asia-Pacific region at the Food Ingredients China (FIC) trade show in Shanghai, March 23-25, 2011. 

The human eye contains lutein and zeaxanthin isomers, namely RR zeaxanthin and RS zeaxanthin, which have been researched for their key role in protecting against Age-related Macular Degeneration.  Unfortunately, a vast majority of lutein products currently on the market contain very low levels of zeaxanthin. Lutemax 2020 is the first ingredient that provides enhanced levels of zeaxanthin isomers, along with lutein, for convenient and more beneficial nutrient availability to the eyes. The World Health Organization reports that the Southeast Asia and Western Pacific regions have the greatest need for assistance for vision impairment and blindness in the world.

“With more than half of blindness occurring in the Asia-Pacific, OmniActive is pleased that this region will now have access to the only eye health ingredient that delivers a complete source of both lutein and zeaxanthin isomers in significantly higher concentrations,” said Dr. Jayant Deshpande, Chief Technology Officer.

Lutemax 2020 represents OmniActive’s latest innovation in lutein technology, and it is available in vegetarian beadlets, oil suspensions and powder forms to meet all preferences and manufacturing requirements. 

For more information on Lutemax 2020, Food Ingredients China attendees can visit booth #2C46/2D45.

About OmniActive Health Technologies and Lutemax 2020:

OmniActive Health Technologies, Ltd. ( supplies a range of innovative, scientifically validated, active natural ingredients for healthcare, food and personal care applications. OmniActive has a wholly owned US subsidiary, OmniActive Health Technologies, Inc. in Short Hills, N.J., and conducts operations from its manufacturing, R&D and corporate facilities at Pune, Mumbai, Thane and Cochin, India. 

Lutemax 2020 is manufactured under a fully vertically integrated process that starts with the cultivation of marigold flowers and continues through extraction and manufacturing. OmniActive has established a dedicated group of farmers that grow marigolds with no use of pesticides, feed-grade additives, or preservatives such as ethoxyquin. This vertically integrated process helps to enhance control on the quality of the raw material. Once harvested, the marigolds are dehydrated and extracted into oleoresins in dedicated facilities under food-grade standards. Lutein and zeaxanthin isomers are then isolated and purified from the marigold oleoresin using GRAS solvents in OmniActive’s cGMP, HACCP and ISO-22000 certified facility.

About Food Ingredients China (FIC):

Organized by the China Food Additives & Ingredients Association (CFAA) and CCPIT Sub-Council of Light Industry, FIC hosts more than 1,000 exhibitors from 20 countries and is attended by 70,000 food industry professionals. For more information, visit

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