LycoRed Simplifies Manufacturing with Co-Beadlet Technology

LycoRed Ltd. has launched advanced multi-carotenoid beadlets based on its proprietary beadlet technology. The co-beadlets combine multiple carotenoids into a single, custom-made, 100% vegetarian beadlet formulation. The co-beadlets significantly reduce overages in tablets and capsules and improve manufacturing efficiency.

LycoRed develops a tailor-made co-beadlet formulation for each customer using natural or nature-identical versions of lycopene, beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. By combining multiple carotenoids into a single formulation, more active ingredient is included - over 20% total carotenoids by weight.

“Our co-beadlets simplify the manufacturing process, since only one product needs to be handled, whether it is weighing, inventory management or accounting,” explains Mr. Udi Alroy, Marketing Director at LycoRed. “We are tuned to our customers’ needs and are responding to market trends. Our customers demand the highest quality product, are looking to reduce manufacturing costs, and prefer to use gelatin-free beadlets. In response to these challenges, we developed the vegetarian co-beadlet technology.”

LycoRed’s unique vegetarian beadlet matrix ensures excellent stability; protecting the carotenoids and reducing the amount of overages. Many carotenoid formulations use overages of more than 50% to compensate for their known sensitivity to oxidation. The patent-pending matrix developed by Biodar, a subsidiary that has recently been fully integrated into LycoRed, has proven itself to be extremely stable, as evidenced by BetaCote beta-carotene vegetarian beadlets.

“Our customers face serious challenges when producing tablets and hard shell capsules. We help them by creating tailor-made solutions that enable them to achieve manufacturing scales at competitive prices,” continues Mr. Alroy. “Our ground-breaking multi-carotenoid co-beadlets enable drastically reduced overages and save precious space in tablets and capsules.”

LycoRed Ltd. is a fast-growing nutritional ingredient company, with regional offices in the US, Europe and Israel. LycoRed’s strategy calls for building a portfolio of high value carotenoid brands, natural food colorants and effective fortification technologies. LycoRed’s nutrition solutions simplify the development and production process of cutting-edge food, beverage and nutritional supplement products, answering consumer demand for a healthy lifestyle.
For further information, please contact:

Mr.Udi Alroy, Marketing Director
Phone: + 972-8942-0930
Fax: +972-8942-0928
E mail: [email protected]

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