M2 Formulex Inc. Announces Increased Loading Capacity For Leading Range of Nutraceutical Films

Toronto, Canada based M2 Formulex Inc. (M2) is very pleased to announce that BioEnvelop (a leading North American contract manufacturer of film-based nutraceuticals and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Montreal, Canada based Paladin Labs Inc.) has succeeded in improving the loading capacity of its range of edible film strips through recent research and development efforts. BioEnvelop's fast-dissolving film strips can now accomodate up to 80 mg of active ingredient material, thereby overcoming a major obstacle to using fast-dissolving films as delivery systems for nutraceuticals. M2, having offices in both Toronto and New York, is a non-exclusive North American sales agent for BioEnvelop.

Michael Chernyak, President of M2, states "reputable research over the past five years has indicated that consumers are experiencing increasing difficulties with swallowing tablets, capsules and other traditional nutraceutical and pharmaceutical dosage formats. This is especially prevalent among children and the elderly. BioEnvelop's industry-leading range of fast-dissolving nutraceutical film strip products offers a practical and effective solution to this issue, and can now accomodate a much wider range of active ingredients through successful efforts to increase the film's loading capacity."

Leading brands in both the Canadian and U.S. markets are already marketing nutraceuticals plated on fast-dissolving films, including Vitamin B12, Melatonin and others. These products offer excellent bioavailability, superior ease-of-use, and enhanced portability and convenience. M2 expects the market for nutraceutical films will continue its growth as dietary supplement and natural health product marketers expand their dosage formats to appeal to a wider range of consumers.

For further information, please contact Michael Chernyak at M2 Formulex Inc., Tel: 905-760-1176 (Ext. 222) or [email protected].

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