MAF Bionutritionals Acquires Boulder Bar Brand

Boonton, New Jersey -- (April 10, 2002) -- MAF BioNutritionals, a company that specializes in whole food nutraceuticals, announced today that it has acquired the Boulder Bar Endurance brand for an undisclosed sum. MAF Bionutritionals was founded by Dr. Phil Maffetone, an internationally-recognized expert on nutrition, complementary medicine and human biology. Boulder Bar, manufactured by San Diego, Calif.-based Boulder Bar Endurance, Inc., is a leading brand of nutrition/athletic food bars that is founded on the philosophy of pure, whole food products for athletes and people looking for meal supplementation and/or replacement.

"This acquisition gives us a swift and cost effective means to bring MAF products into retail distribution," says Bill Coppel, President of MAF Bionutritionals. "We felt that Phil Maffetone's philosophies of nutrition and wellness were in sync with Boulder Bar's. Together we can create superior products for people with a variety of lifestyles and needs, as well as combine marketing resources to expand our product offerings in an established national distribution channel. We have exciting plans to continue to evolve the Boulder Bar line, further enhancing the functionality and quality of ingredients, including several new products."

The partnership pleases Boulder Bar co-founder Eric Zapf, who says "We are excited about the ability to partner with a company that shares the same philosophy from a purity standpoint, and also backs it with significant scientific research to support ongoing brand development and expansion." Zapf will continue to stay involved in product development, while his wife and business partner Lorie will be active in marketing.

MAF also recently retained the services of Rockaway, NJ-based Sunrise Brand Management Specialists to handle national sales and marketing activities.

MAF BioNutritionals, LLC, (MAF) a private company located in Boonton, NJ, was formed in 1998 by Dr. Phil Maffetone, who has been a respected pioneer in the field of Complementary Medicine for over 25 years, bringing the latest advances to health care professionals around the world. Dr. Maffetone has followed a career in diet, nutrition, stress management and athletic training, as a teacher, writer and in private practice as a complementary medicine practitioner. The MAF line of products includes all natural nutraceuticals that contain certified organic ingredients, two all-natural whole food nutrition bars, and an all-natural protein shake. The products are all formulated to support proactive human cell maintenance and rehabilitation, which is fundamental in the prevention and treatment of disease, without the damaging side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals. MAF's business objective is to capitalize on an emerging healthcare sector, one that focuses on nutrition as a means to true disease prevention, a widely embraced solution to spiraling healthcare costs and the unfolding healthcare crisis.

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