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Marathon Nutrifoods/ New Product -- OsteoPure -- Regrows Lost Bone

TAMPA, Fla. -- Older Americans are plagued with osteoporosis, a disease that strikes half of all women over 50 and robs the victim of bone density. Marathon Nutrifoods, a subsidiary of a bone science laboratory, based in San Antonio, Texas, has developed an all-natural supplement called OsteoPure(TM). Scientific studies show that OsteoPure can rebuild lost bone and significantly increase bone density.

"This is an important discovery for all of us," states Ben Mundy, Director of Marathon Nutrifoods. "There is no other over-the-counter product that regrows bone. Our extensive testing in the laboratory shows that OsteoPure builds new bone."

Unlike many supplements poised to the bone health market, OsteoPure is not calcium-based. Its main ingredient is a special strain of red yeast rice, an all-natural plant derivative that has been used in Asian cuisine and medicine for centuries. According to Mundy, the laboratory found a particular strain of red yeast rice that generates osteoblastic, or bone-building, activity. It is this proprietary strain that makes OsteoPure so effective.

"For a disease that attacks so many Americans, there is great misunderstanding about it," says Mundy.

Our bodies are always building (growth) and tearing down (resorption) bone. Typically, people reach maximum bone density around the age of thirty. Then, the process starts to tear down bone faster than it builds it. This loss in bone density is what eventually can lead to osteoporosis.

"Many people think calcium is enough to fight osteoporosis," says Mundy. "Calcium can only keep the bones that you have strong, but it can't stop, slow or prevent the natural process of tearing down bone, nor regrow lost bone. Prescription drugs typically prescribed for osteoporosis work by slowing down the resorption process. Unfortunately, these prescriptions can be costly and have many side effects."

OsteoPure is an all natural supplement that is safe and available without a prescription. OsteoPure is available at select Tampa, Florida-area GNC stores, and by calling toll-free, (866) 705-PURE, or through the internet at

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