Marine Bio Coral Calcium Material Receives Indian FDA Approval

Products to be manufactured and distributed in India by Premier Nutraceuticals Private Limited

Tokyo, Japan and San Mateo, CA., November 11, 2003 – Marine Bio Corporation, a worldwide producer of Coral Calcium material, announced that its material has been approved for manufacture and sale in India. Premier Nutraceuticals Private Limited, Mumbai, India, received the “License” approval by the Food and Drug Administration of India to manufacture Coral Calcium products, which will use the raw materials of Marine Bio Corporation, Japan.

Vincent Hackel, Vice President of Marine Bio Corporation, USA, an associated entity of Marine Bio Corporation, Japan, made the announcement noting that Marine Bio Corporation will supply the raw material to Premier Nutraceuticals Private Limited, Mumbai, India for the following products that will be manufactured and sold in India:

· Coral Calcium 150 tablet (Contains 2:1 Calcium: Magnesium ratio, which is the best quality)

· Coral Calcium 300 tablet (300 mg. Calcium and 17 mg. Magnesium)

· Coral Calcium T 225 tablets (225mg Calcium; 12.85mg Magnesium)

· Coral Calcium Syrup 200 ml. (100 mg. Calcium; 5.5 mg. Magnesium)

· Coral Calcium 150 capsules (2:1 Calcium to Magnesium)

· Coral Calcium 300 capsules (300 mg. Calcium; 17 mg. Magnesium)

“The Indian Food and Drug Administration, much like that of the United States and other countries, is the primary instrument of consumer protection. It is a scientifically based law enforcement agency that requires clinical data, tests and studies conducted by its own laboratories before awarding approval. Since India is a signatory to the WTO, which would be applicable with effect from 2005, the Indian FDA is following the norms laid down for all WTO countries including USA. The approval for Coral Calcium has been awarded to Premier Nutraceuticals Private Limited, Mumbai, India, after one year of tests and verifications,” said Hackel.

Marine Bio, USA is an associate entity of Japan based Marine Bio Corporation, a 40 year-old corporation that innovates and markets products designed to benefit all of those who are concerned about living a healthy lifestyle. Marine Bio Corporation was the first to commercially market Coral Calcium four decades ago and holds seven patents worldwide. Marine Bio Corporation is the world’s largest supplier of Coral Calcium material to numerous health-food manufacturers. The company’s harvest of coral grain does not damage living coral, as attested to by numerous Japanese scientists and governmental agencies. In addition to its mining of Okinawan coral, which it does in an environmentally friendly and patented manner, Marine Bio Corporation, Japan also has businesses that include water purification and environmental projects. More information is available at Marine Bio’s website:

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