Marine Bio Petitions FDA for Allowance of More Extensive Health Claims for Calcium

Washington, DC, October 13, 2003 – Marine Bio Co., Ltd., of Japan, the largest worldwide supplier and producer of coral calcium material, today announced it has filed five petitions with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s Office of Nutritional Products, Labeling and Dietary Supplements, to allow the following health claims to be made for calcium:

· May reduce risk of fractures of certain areas of the body

· May reduce risk of certain cancers

· May reduce risk of kidney and urinary stones

· May reduce risk of certain types of hypertension, including pre-eclampsia

· May reduce risk of certain gynecological disorders in women.

The petitions represent logical and valid evaluations of the scientific studies and clinical trials concerning the relationship between calcium and the reduction in the risk of the above conditions. In each case, Marine Bio is petitioning the FDA to consider the scientific studies that establish the science supporting these claims and thereby justify permitting health claims that link consumption of calcium with reduction in those risks.

Vincent Hackel, Vice President of Marine Bio Inc., USA., a wholly owned subsidiary of Marine Bio Co. Ltd., made the announcement noting, “Our petitions are based on extensive scientific reports prepared by Michael J. Glade, Ph.D., a nutritionist and consultant to public and private companies, of Skokie, Illinois. In these reports, Dr. Glade spells out both positive and negative science concerning the intake of calcium, in all its forms and the benefits that appear to be evident. It is Dr. Glade’s belief, after reviewing all of the more than 1,000 reports, that these claims can be made, and we are hopeful the FDA will agree with his conclusions.”

According to Hackel, representatives of Emord & Associates, a law firm based in Burke, Virginia, have submitted to the FDA approximately 1,000 published peer reviewed papers on calcium and its relationship to these diseases. “The disease prevention claims our client seeks are backed by credible scientific evidence, and it is our hope that the FDA will permit them to reach the public where they can do the most good,” said Jonathan W. Emord of Emord & Associates, P.C.

Hackel notes that although calcium is widely recognized as helping to promote strong bones and teeth, and has a role in the prevention of osteoporosis, “there has been a tremendous amount of concern over other claims and whether they can be made – or proven. We are hopeful that by filing these petitions we can take a leadership role in offering to all manufacturers and marketers of products containing calcium, including both calcium supplements as well as all dairy products, the opportunity to more fully – and legally – let consumers know what benefits may be provided when consuming calcium in one’s diet.”

Japan-based Marine Bio Co., Ltd., is a 40 year old company that creates and markets products designed to benefit all those who are concerned about living a healthy lifestyle. Marine Bio was the first to commercially market coral calcium four decades ago and holds seven patents worldwide. Marine Bio is the world’s largest supplier of coral calcium material to numerous health-food product manufacturers. The company’s harvest of coral grain does not damage living coral, as attested to by numerous Japanese scientists and governmental agencies. In addition to its collection of Okinawan coral, which it does in an environmentally friendly and patented manner, Marine Bio also has businesses that include water purification and environmental projects. More information is available at Marine Bio’s website:

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