Marine Bio USA Announces Exclusive 10 Year Contract with Nature’s Benefit

Tokyo, Japan, February 10, 2004 – Marine Bio Ltd., a worldwide producer of coral calcium material, announced that Nature’s Benefit has selected it as its exclusive supplier of coral calcium material for all of its coral calcium products. The two companies have signed an exclusive ten-year contract.

Vincent Hackel, Vice President of Marine Bio USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Marine Bio Ltd. made the announcement noting that Marine Bio USA will provide the raw material for all of Nature’s Benefit coral calcium products.

“Nature’s Benefit is strongly committed to the quality of its materials and products,” said Hackel, adding that it is this characteristic that prompted the company to select Marine Bio for its raw material. “Marine Bio has consistently provided our customers with the finest quality material required. Furthermore, our customers know that because we have strong patent protection, their supplies of material won’t be hindered as a result of litigation resulting from patent infringement claims.”

Tony Russo, president of Nature’s Benefit, said, “ We know that there has been significant controversy about coral calcium as a result of outrageous claims made by some in the industry. At Natures Benefit we condemn this type of marketing and have taken appropriate action designed to assure our customers that their best interests are always our primary concern. Our decision to work with Marine Bio was predicated on the simple fact that it is the only coral calcium harvested from Okinawa and Marine Bio is certified by the Japanese government to do so. Although there are millions of bottles of products out there stating that they are Okinawan coral calcium, less than 50 percent of the U.S. product with this claim is supplied by Marine Bio, and therefore of questionable origin. Nature’s Benefit intends to be the leader in providing consumers with true Okinawan coral calcium.”

Nature’s Benefit, based in Newark, New Jersey, is an integrated research and development company dedicated to the production of remedies of natural origin for health promotion in humans and companion animals. It has three specific operations: health maintenance in humans and companion animals using remedies of natural origin; education in natural health care; and products that are physician formulated and backed by science. More information is available at its website:

Marine Bio USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan based Marine Bio Ltd., a 40 year old company that creates and markets products designed to benefit all of those who are concerned about living a healthy lifestyle. Marine Bio was the first to commercially market coral calcium four decades ago and holds seven patents worldwide. Marine Bio is the world’s largest supplier of coral calcium material to numerous health-food manufacturers. The company’s harvest of coral grain does not damage living coral, as attested to by numerous Japanese scientists and governmental agencies. In addition to its mining of Okinawan coral, which it does in an environmentally friendly and patented manner, Marine Bio also has businesses that include water purification and environmental projects. More information is available at Marine Bio’s website:

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