Market-Wise International Nutrition Introduces Sunny Crunch Food Products to U.S. Consumers

Markham,ON. October 12, 2005.- Market-Wise International Nutrition LLC. has been selected to introduce the nutritious food products manufactured by Canada’s burgeoning Sunny Crunch Foods Incorporated in to the homes of U.S. consumers.

With the support of Market-Wise International Nutrition, Sunny Crunch Foods expects a major sales boost as a result of its significantly expanded distribution network throughout the U.S., according to the natural and nutritious food company’s Founder and President Willie Pelzer.

Market-Wise International Nutrition President and CEO Stephen Lukawski is excited to be working with the reputable manufacturer to bring high-quality and nutritious products to American consumers.

“For the past five years we’ve participated in helping with the brokering, marketing and distribution for Sunny Crunch Foods in Canada and proven our ability to promote the brand and grow sales,” Mr Lukawski said.
“Sunny Crunch Foods is committed to providing its consumers with both healthy and tasty quality products and that is the principal reason for its success over the years.

“Integrity, reliable service and a key focus on quality is what Sunny Crunch Foods is all about. “They have a winning attitude and a great team approach as they strive and succeed in developing innovative food products. That makes me proud to be part of their team and I will work hard to contribute to their success and future growth.”

Mr Pelzer said he had chosen Market-Wise as its U.S. representative for the company’s products because it had proven itself as a leader in its field in Canada and was relentless in its quest to promote the entire natural health products industry.

“To be as successful as we have been in recent years, you need to have business relationships based on trust and we are confident that Market-Wise is as passionate about our company and its offerings as we are,” he said. “Market-Wise prides itself on representing only high-quality, efficable brands and ingredients and we respect that.”

About Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd:
Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd. is a 35-year pioneer in Natural and Nutritious Foods for and is one of Canada's most respected manufacturers of natural health products. Sunny Crunch Foods Limited is a Markham based company that was founded in 1970 by Mr Willie Pelzer and is known as the inventor of ‘Crunchy Granola’. Today, Sunny Crunch has a staff of over 100 employees producing an impressive range of quality products from granola cereals, nutrition bars, meal replacement bars, sports nutrition bars, energy bars, and snack bars for major supermarkets, retailers and distributors throughout Canada and worldwide. Sunny Crunch has been awarded the opportunity to manufacture private label products for many well-known grocery chains throughout Canada, USA, the UK, and Japan.

About Market-Wise International Nutrition LLC:
Market-Wise International Nutrition LLC. is one of Canada’s most-reputable corporate advisories and nutritional ingredient suppliers serving the natural health products and nutrition industry. Since it was founded in 1995 by Stephen Lukawski, it has provided expert strategic planning, product development, brokering, research and marketing to an array of North American manufacturers. As well as it revised partnership with Sunny Crunch Foods, Market-Wise is also the exclusive Canadian marketer and distributor of CRAN-MAX and the BIO-SHIELD product line of proprietary infused fruit powders, including BLUE-MAX, BIL-MAX and ELDER-MAX.

For more information contact:
Stephen Lukawski - President and CEO
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-472-2275
Fax: 1-239-403-9419

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