Market-Wise Launches Award-Winning Rotating Labels Into Nutraceutical Market

Toronto, ON, November 17, 2004—Market-Wise Enterprises, Ltd. of Milton, Ontario, corporate advisors to the nutraceutical industry, has announced that it will be marketing in North America the newest patented innovation in supplement packaging, the Rotating Label. Originally developed by Stephen Key Design, LLC, based in Modesto, California, the Rotating Label permits customers to rotate a bottle’s label and provide additional consumer-friendly information including cross-promotions, more in-depth product explanations, consumer education, brand awareness multi-lingual information, advertising and even contests and gaming promotions.

“Rotating Labels are an exciting new marketing tool that every manufacturer of health products should consider for their packaging, “ said Market-Wise’s president Stephen Lukawski. “Priced competitively, Rotating Labels provide an extra dimension to the sale, adding up to 75 percent more information for any label. The labels put more information in the hands of consumers with an innovative presentation that is superior to peel off or folded labels. They can create product differentiation at the same time.”

From turn to learn to spin and win concepts, manufacturers, retailers and consumers benefit from this new information technology. Rotating Labels’ unique patented design includes a two-ply label that is applied with standard labeling equipment. A clear ‘window’ panel on the top layer spins to reveal the information on the bottom label or container. The additional panel automatically gives consumers more education and information to assist in their purchasing decisions and product use.

“There simply is never enough information on packaging,” commented Rotating Label inventor Stephen Key.“The rotating label has proven successful as a marketing tool wherever it is applied. It is user-friendly and is the perfect blend of form and function.”

About Market-Wise Enterprises, Ltd.
Since 1994 Market-Wise has served as Corporate Advisors to the Nutraceutical Industry involved in Strategic Planning, Product Development and Research and Marketing. It is the exclusive Canadian marketer of CRAN-MAX® and the BIO-SHIELD® product line of proprietary infused fruit powders including such products as BLUE-MAX® (blueberry-based), BIL-MAX® (bilberry-based); SAW-MAX® (saw palmetto-based); ELDER-MAX® (elderberry-based); and EYE-MAX® (a special formula containing blueberry, bilberry and lutein ingredients).

About Stephen Key, LLC
Stephen Key is an inventor and owner of Stephen Key Design, LLC, a design firm that specializes in licensing intellectual property rights. Stephen Key Design currently owns ten U.S. patents with four others granted, awaiting issuance, and six others pending. Additionally, many International patents have been awarded and many more are pending. In the label industry, it has received several trade association awards including: The IoPP AmeriStar Best of Show 2000, and the 2000 World Label Association Innovation Award. Prior to starting Stephen Key Design, LLC, Mr. Key had licensed items in the toy, novelty and gift markets and had joint licenses with Disney and Michael Jordan.

For more information, contact:

Market-Wise Enterprises, Ltd.
Stephen Lukawski, President
Tel: 905-878-9952 Fax: 905-878-9912 Toll-free: 1-888-472-2275
E-mail: [email protected]

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