Market-Wise launches elk antler for joint health formulas

Market-Wise launches elk antler for joint health formulas

Sustainable ingredient has solid science support to back label claims.

Stephen Lukawski, founder and CEO of Market-Wise Nutrition, has announced the North American launch of Elk Antler for the dietary supplement manufacturing market; the ingredient has the official backing of Health Canada, which recognizes elk antler for support of joint health and enhanced vitality.

The proprietary, science-based elk antler ingredient is manufactured by Royal Elk Products, Ltd. Of Alberta, Canada , a GMP-licensed company that produces a variety of elk products for both human and pet nutrition all derived from whole elk antler.

Elk Max is collected from the antlers of elk during the velvet stage and processed using a state-of-the-art freeze drying technology to ensure the highest nutritional value is retained. Elk Max is derived from the whole antler, which provides all the naturally occurring bioactive nutrients capable of exerting a broad range of mental and physical health benefits. Some of the bioactive nutrients naturally found in Elk Antler include glucosamine, collagen, pantocrin eight essential amino acids, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid.  Elk antler also contain prostaglandins that support against joint inflammation.

"Elk Max has received an NDN (#80009717) from Health Canada, which validates its targeted health and wellness uses," Lukawski says. "There are numerous athletes who take it to accelerate recovery and improve endurance, which boosts overall athletic performance. Plus it nourishes the joints as well. Elk Max is suitable for formulas targeting the active generation."

About Market Wise: 

Since 1995 Market Wise has been a specialist in product formulation, delivery systems and brand development of science-based and clinically tested natural health products for both people and pets. Market Wise brings together growers, researchers and manufactures to set quality standards from the field to the finished product. Market Wise believes that bioavailability of nutrients, traceability, science-based ingredients, and continued research are important building blocks in the long-term future growth of the health and nutrition industry.

Market Wise continues to lead with research in new fields such as enhanced delivery systems, bioavailability, microencapsulation, drying techniques and state-of-the-art milling techniques. Market Wise has developed and successfully launched Time Release Botanicals and PhytoLipid formulations that have been developed for Swiss Herbal Remedies in Canada, and served as the exclusive Canadian distributor and marketing agent for the patented and trademarked Cran-Max® cranberry and other Bio-Shield® ingredients. Market Wise now serves as the Canadian representative for Nutra3 Complex, fast-melting, functional oral strips for people. Market Wise also represents Nu Liv Science  LLC in Canada who has developed an evidence based natural ingredient called AstraGin which has been tested to show improved absorption and bioavailability in various bio nutrients.      

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