Martin Bauer North American Adds xanthosteen 3510 to its Comprehensive Line of Mangosteen Ingredients

TORRANCE, Calif., November 1, 2005 - Martin Bauer (MB) North America, a supplier of specialty herbal extracts, powders and tea cuts, announced the addition of xanthosteen (TM) 3510 to its xanthosteen line of Garcinia mangostana, or mangosteen fruit ingredients. Xanthosteen 3510 is the only mangosteen peel extract available standardized to three individual markers: 3,500µmoleTE/g ORACtotal, 10 percent alpha-Mangostin by HPLC and 20 percent Polyphenols. Xanthosteen 3510 is also produced under a pharmaceutical manufacturing license for the newly implemented European Union Good Manufacturing Practices. MB North America offers a variety of additional mangosteen peel extracts, peel powders and fruit powders as part of its extensive xanthosteen line.

"With the addition of xanthosteen 3510 to our line of mangosteen ingredients, we are able to offer manufacturers the most potent peel extract available for use in dietary supplements, drinks, juices and cosmetics," stated Stefan Wypyszyk, vice president of marketing, MB North America.

"There is a substantial body of scientific evidence surrounding the health benefits of mangosteen, yet it remains relatively unknown throughout the United States. The opportunity for companies to bring mangosteen-based products to the market is enormous, and xanthosteen 3510 offers them the highest quality ingredient for inclusion in those products."

The mangosteen fruit is native to Southeast Asian countries. Nicknamed "The Queen of Fruits," the mangosteen has a long history of traditional use as food and medicine. It is rich in antioxidants, most notably xanthones, which are responsible for its extremely high Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value. Xanthosteen 3510 provides the numerous health benefits associated with mangosteen fruit, including immune and mental health support, increased energy and stamina and antioxidation and anti-inflammatory properties, in a potent, standardized extract.

Martin Bauer is the world's largest botanical supplier, including raw materials, bulk processing, finished herb powders and tea cuts. From cultivation and acquisition to production and laboratory services, Martin Bauer offers its customers worldwide access to a wealth of resources and more than 150 years experience in the industry. MB North America is one of Martin Bauer's 15 subsidiaries worldwide. With multiple production facilities and warehouse locations, Martin Bauer customers are protected from potential product damage or supply risk. For more information visit MB North America at SupplySide West booth #3073 or go to

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