Maruha Nichiro Holdings to Hold Clinical Trials into the Effects of DHA and EPA on the Human Body in Cooperation with Shimane University

From November 2008, Maruha Nichiro Holdings will begin clinical trials, led by Shimane University Faculty of Medicine, into the effects of DHA and EPA on the cognitive functions, health and longevity of people over the age of 65. The trials will be done in Kawamoto Town, Shimane Prefecture on subjects over 65 who have not been diagnosed with dementia. The influence of a regulated amount of DHA (850 mg) and EPA (200 mg) on the cognitive functions of the subjects will be studied by splitting the subjects into two groups and giving one group the Maruha Nichiro Foods’ FOSHU “DHA Iri Resala Sausage (Resala Fish Sausage with DHA)”, and giving the other group a placebo in the form of a fish sausage containing olive oil. The trial will last between one and two years and will take the form of a double-blind concurrent inter-group comparative test.

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