Mayne Pharma (USA) Inc. adds M.V.I.-12(R) (Multi-Vitamin Infusion Without Vitamin K) to its Product Line

PARAMUS, N.J., Jan 31, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Mayne Pharma (USA) Inc. has announced an extension to its portfolio of multivitamin infusions with the launch of M.V.I.-12(R) (multi vitamin infusion without Vitamin-K).

This new formulation is the only commercially available multivitamin infusion without Vitamin-K.

MVI-12(R) is indicated for the prevention of vitamin deficiency and thromboembolic complications in people receiving home parenteral nutrition who also receive warfarin-type anticoagulant therapy.

Patients receiving Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) infusions are at risk of developing central venous thrombosis, a risk that is reduced with the administration of warfarin therapy. Warfarin's actions can be antagonized by the administration of exogenous Vitamin-K. By selecting a multi vitamin infusion without Vitamin-K, one source of this exogenous Vitamin-K can be removed.

The launch of M.V.I.-12(R) further enhances Mayne's market leading offering in the multi vitamin infusion market. M.V.I.(R) is available in both pediatric and adult formulations, with the adult formulation now being available with or without Vitamin-K.

Mayne's vitamin offering includes M.V.I.(R) as well as Aquasol(R) A and E.

Mayne Group Limited, the parent of Mayne Pharma (USA) Inc. has businesses in specialty pharmaceuticals (the manufacture of oral and injectable pharmaceuticals for distribution to more than 50 countries) as well as Australian-based businesses in diagnostic services (pathology, diagnostic imaging and medical centres), pharmacy and health-related consumer products.

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