Adds Dietary Supplements Search Tool

ROCHESTER, Minn., Jun 10, 2004 -- Does ginseng really improve memory? What are the possible side effects of St. John's wort? How much soy is recommended to reduce high cholesterol? Natural supplements have gained notoriety of late, but confusion about the proven benefits, potential risks and dosage of supplements is widespread. To provide answers, has launched a new supplement information search tool on its award-winning Web site.

Useful information on 86 herbs, vitamins and other supplements is now easily accessible by going to and clicking on the "Drugs and Supplements" tab. Search for a supplement by name or browse through the alphabetical index. New entries will be added periodically to provide information on 105 supplements by the end of the year.

" is committed to providing the most useful, up to date health and wellness information for our visitors. The addition of the Natural Standard supplement database to our site will provide visitors with extensive and timely evidence-based information about many common nutritional supplements," says Brooks Edwards, M.D., medical editor in chief,

Each entry offers helpful information about the supplement's background, alternative names, uses, proven effectiveness, dosage and safety. Readers can

-- learn the usable parts of each herb and how to prepare various
herbal treatments

-- view summarized results of scientific studies testing the
effectiveness of supplements

-- consult the convenient A to F grading scale rating the
strength of scientific evidence for or against each
supplement's uses

-- find out how particular supplements affect allergies,
pregnancy and breastfeeding

Supplement information on is compiled by the international Natural Standard Research Collaboration. Natural Standard offers an evidence-based examination of alternative therapies and thorough, documented research. helps fulfill Mayo Clinic's mission to serve as a reliable source of health information and provides tools for the public. Established in 1995, it has grown in response to users' needs for trustworthy answers and practical tools that can make a difference in people's lives. offers health decision guides, interviews with Mayo Clinic doctors and an A-Z disease and condition reference. It offers suggestions about staying healthy, dealing with a new diagnosis and managing chronic diseases and medical conditions.

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