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Medicinal Herb Tea Company Traditional Medicinals® Commits to Offsetting 100% of Electricity Use with Renewable Energy

Sebastopol, CA March 1, 2004 -- When Traditional Medicinals® decided to introduce a new line of organic Japanese green teas, they asked themselves, “How green are these green teas?” Well aware that the production of most electricity used to process and package their teas results in the emission of harmful greenhouse gases and the use of precious non-renewable resources, the Sonoma County based tea company decided to offset 100% of their total facilities electricity use with the purchase of Green Tags. Supporting Green Tags at this level ensures that for each kilowatt-hour of electricity used by Traditional Medicinals, an equal amount of clean, renewable energy (such as wind power) is fed into the national electricity grid to offset the electricity used by the company.

“Traditional Medicinals has a commitment to living like there is a tomorrow,” says Drake Sadler, co-founder and CEO. “That means we actively look for ways to enhance the environment and reduce our impacts – whether it’s using organic herbs or recycled cardboard for our packaging. We want to be a model sustainable business for our industry and our community. Purchasing renewable energy to offset our electricity use is just one of many green programs we have in place.”

Traditional Medicinals’ purchase of Green Tags will result in an increased percentage of wind power in the national grid and a corresponding reduction in the combustion of coal and natural gas. According to the EPA Energy and Emissions Reduction Equivalents calculation, this purchase of wind generation will save over 759,000 pounds of greenhouse gases from being emitted into the environment. This is comparable to planting 102 acres of trees or taking 66 cars off the road every year.

Who Provides Green Tags?
Traditional Medicinals purchases Green Tags from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit organization. BEF’s revenues fund its’ mission to develop renewable energy resources and support watershed restoration projects. To date, these revenues have helped to support some 500 megawatts of new wind energy facilities as well as the installation of more than 230 kilowatts of new solar photovoltaic generation. Over $650,000 in BEF funding has gone to support 21 watershed restoration projects. For more information visit:

What Are Green Tags?
Also known as Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) or Tradable Renewable Energy Credits (TRECs), Green Tags represent the environmental benefits that occur when renewable energy replaces energy produced from burning fossil fuels on the power grid. The result is a corresponding savings in greenhouse gases (primarily carbon dioxide).

BEF’s Green Tags are Green-e certified by the Center for Resource Solutions – and designated Climate Cool by the Climate Neutral Network as a net zero impact on the climate – The Natural Resources Defense Council, Renewable Northwest Project and the Northwest Energy Coalition certify the new renewable energy resources that produce BEF’s Green Tags.

Traditional Medicinals, Inc. has been producing medicinal herb tea since 1974. The company has been at the forefront of the movement to legitimize traditional herbal medicines in the United States. Their products include a complete line of cold season teas, teas for women, digestive aid teas, calming and sleep aid teas, and green and chai teas. They are the makers of Throat Coat®, Echinacea Plus®, Gypsy Cold Care®, Breathe Easy®, Smooth Move®, Nighty Night®, Mother’s Milk® and Pregnancy Tea®. They can be found on the web at

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