MEG-3® Omega-3 EPA/DHA Combines with MenaQ7™ Natural Vitamin K2 Ingredient to Create New Heart Health Supplement

Ocean Nutrition Canada and PL Thomas, NJ, Team Up To Introduce the First Omega-3 Ingredient with Natural Vitamin K2 as Mk-7 for Cardiovascular Health in North America

5 November 2007 Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited (ONC), supplier of MEG-3® brand Omega-3 EPA/DHA food and dietary supplement ingredients, and PL Thomas, NJ, supplier of a MenaQ7 Natural Vitamin K2, are pleased to announce a new product development alliance to introduce the MEG-3®-MenaQ7 ingredient combination. This is the first offering in North America for this patent-pending combination of heart-healthy ingredients.

The MEG-3® - MenaQ7™ supplement will provide 30% EPA and 20% DHA, with 45mcg of natural vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7) per serving.

Robert Orr, President and C.E.O. of Ocean Nutrition Canada, said “We partnered with PLT to create a unique and complementary product. The many health benefits of EPA and DHA from fish oil are well recognized, and with this new offering, consumers specifically interested in cardiovascular health benefits will also receive natural vitamin K2 as MK-7, which is shown to further promote vascular health.”

Paul Flowerman, President of PL Thomas, added “We are delighted to partner with Ocean Nutrition and we recognize its position as a market leader and innovator providing the highest quality, science based, nutritional products to the nutritional and functional foods marketplaces. Clearly, choosing to align the MEG-3® brand with MenaQ7 K2 solidifies this commitment. ”

Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA provide significant health benefits for all ages. The American Heart Association supports the premise that EPA and DHA are essential to a healthy heart, citing studies that show benefits for healthy arteries and healthy blood composition, supporting cardiovascular wellness.

The benefits of natural vitamin K2 for cardiovascular health are tied to its role activating matrix GLA protein (MGP), the most potent inhibitor of vascular calcification known. These benefits gained attention by the findings of a study published in the Journal of Nutrition called the “Rotterdam Study” in 2004, involving over 4,800 people over a ten year period. The study found increased intake of natural vitamin K2 significantly reduced both the incidence of arterial calcification and the risk of CHD mortality by 50% as compared to low dietary vitamin K2 intake.

For more information, contact Eric Anderson at [email protected].

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About MenaQ7
MenaQ7 provides Natural Vitamin K2 as an extract of natto, a fermented soy food from Japan. Natto is particularly rich in the highly bio-available form of vitamin K2 called menaquinone-7 (MK-7). MenaQ7 provides Natural Vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (Mk-7) with guaranteed actives and stability, clinical substantiation and international patents awarded and pending.

For more information on the health benefits of MenaQ7, please visit

About Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited (ONC):
Ocean Nutrition Canada is a privately held company, whose major shareholder is Clearwater Fine Foods Incorporated. ONC is in the business of researching, manufacturing, and marketing Omega-3 based ingredients that improve human health. Ocean Nutrition Canada has a broad customer base, which includes multi-national companies in both the dietary supplement and the food categories.

For more information on the health benefits of MEG-3® ingredients please visit

About PL Thomas
PL Thomas, is the exclusive North American representative for MenaQ7, offered in alliance with NattoPharma, Norway. As a New Jersey-based ingredient supplier, PLT offers fifty years of innovation in securing reliable, high quality raw materials for the food/functional food and nutrition industries. PLT is a one-stop resource for application solutions, current industry information and technical service, and specializes in water-soluble gums and clinically-supported botanical extracts.

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