MEG-3(TM) Citrus Soft Chews Now Available

Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited (ONC), supplier of MEG-3® brand Omega-3 EPA/DHA food and dietary supplement ingredients, is pleased to announce the introduction of the first chew to contain EPA/DHA from fish oil - MEG-3® Citrus Soft Chews.

Each chew contains a minimum of 100 mg of MEG-3® Omega-3 EPA/DHA and only contains 25 calories. These orange flavored chews are a great alternative for adults and children who find capsules difficult to swallow so a whole new group of consumers will be motivated to consume these essential nutrients.

“This is a new product designed to provide customers with a delicious, convenient way to obtain the physiologically essential Omega-3s Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA),” says Ian Lucas, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing at ONC. “MEG-3® chews are a premium product because of the purity of the MEG-3® fish oil ingredient and the taste of the chew itself.”

ONC’s breakthrough patented micro-encapsulation technology has given them the opportunity to be the first company to successfully put fish oil (EPA/DHA) into a soft chew. The MEG-3® brand ingredient has also been commercialized in variety of food products including yogurt, milk, bread and tortillas and this new application further demonstrates the ability of MEG-3 ® ingredient to create food products offering the goodness of fish without the taste or smell of fish

WN Pharmaceuticals Ltd, of Burnaby B.C. Canada, is the first company to utilize this novel product to add value for their customers in the dietary supplement isle of major retail chains. Mr. Robin Hobbis, President of WN Pharmaceuticals said, “We are very excited to launch MEG-3® chews under the Sunkist® brand label. This new product will be launched in all the Costco stores in Canada in a matter of days. Other retail buyers are also demonstrating tremendous interest because the MEG-3® chews taste so great and offers value through convenience for a whole new group of consumers who want fish oil.”

The MEG-3® Citrus Soft Chews are now available from ONC in bulk form for brand and private label companies who are interested in launching their own line of chews, co-branded with MEG-3®. MEG-3® is rapidly becoming recognized as The Trusted Source® in EPA/DHA fish oil around the world.

About Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited (ONC):

Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited is a privately held company, and wholly owned subsidiary of Clearwater Fine Foods Incorporated, a diversified holding/investment company whose significant holdings include a controlling interest in Clearwater Seafood's Limited Partnership, which is the world’s largest integrated shellfish harvester and processor and Ocean Nutrition (Canada) Limited. Ocean Nutrition Canada researches, manufactures, and markets Omega-3 concentrates and other marine based natural ingredients for dietary supplements and foods. ONC exemplifies scientific rigor in discovery and research programs, along with world leading regulatory and quality compliance standards. For more information on the health benefits of MEG-3® ingredients please visit


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