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Memory enhancer named best new ingredient

A compound that has been shown to enhance memory for patients suffering from Alzheimer?s disease, Parkinson?s disease, glaucoma and stroke-related conditions has won this year?s NutrAward for best new ingredient at the Nutracon/Expo West convention in Anaheim, California.

Kyowa Hakko has been manufacturing Kyowa-Citicoline for about 20 years in Japan, where it is sold as a prescription drug, but the compound was only made available in the US as a supplement in the past five years, said sales director Neil Sullivan. Kyowa?s largest North American manufacturers are Jarrow Formulas and Canada?s Advanced Orthomolecular Research. Citicoline is also sold as a pharmaceutical in several European countries.

How to compete in 2005
Submissions for the NutrAward best new ingredient of the year competition are due Jan 15, 2005. For contest guidelines, visit
Citicoline is a form of choline that helps replenish the brain with phosphatidylserine, a key cell membrane phospholipid. Studies have shown that rats given citicoline for 90 days at high doses increased their brain phosphatidylserine content by 42 per cent. The compound also appears to have a number of effects that protect neurons in the brain from degeneration.

In a double-blind trial of 84 elderly patients with mild to moderate memory loss, subjects who took 1000mg of citicoline daily for six weeks showed improvement in the acquisition of new information and its recall and improvement in global memory efficiency.

Toxicology studies of Kyowa?s citicoline have also had positive results. ?We are very happy with its safety,? Sullivan said. ?Side effects in the studies we have done are very mild and transient.? The company now has a dose-dependent study under way involving healthy elderly subjects; it plans to release those results this summer.

?We are surprised but very gratified to win the NutrAward—gratified that the industry is recognizing the science, finally,? Sullivan said. ?The industry has matured quite a bit; people are looking for solid science and they have found it here.?

From left: Dr. Toshikazu Kamiya, Neil Sullivan, Chikakuni Kotani, and Yutaka Ouchi of Kyowa Hakko accept the NutrAward from Nutracon?s Karen Raterman, second from left.

Other NutrAward nominees
BioCell Technology?s BioCell Collagen II is a form of hydrolysed collagen derived from the sternal cartilage of chickens. It claims to promote skin and joint health.

Bioriginal Food and Science?s BakOmega stabilised organic flax flour is low in net carbs and rich in proteins, omega-3s and lignans. The finely ground flax flour is suitable for flour enrichment in various bakery products.

Cargill Health and Food Technologies? CoroWise plant sterols lower LDL cholesterol 8?15 per cent in clinical studies, the company says. It is used in such consumer products as Minute Maid Premium Heart Wise Orange Juice.

Fibergel Technologies? Z-Trim fat replacement ingredient claims to lower calories and fats in food by up to 50 per cent without affecting taste or texture.

Lonza Group?s Pepzin GI Patented Zinc Carnosine targets ulcers, dyspepsia and stomach pain through its blend of L-carnosine and elemental zinc.

Pizzey?s Milling?s SelectGrad ?ultra fine? flaxseed enables the smooth incorporation of flaxseed into bakery dough without interfering in dough structure, the company says.

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