Metabolife Asks NIH for Blue Ribbon Commission on Ephedra

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Metabolife International Inc. announced today it has sent a letter to the National Institutes of Health asking the NIH to help establish a blue-ribbon commission to review all clinical trials on ephedra-caffeine combinations for weight loss and to confirm their safety. Metabolife is also asking that such a commission recommend and oversee whatever additional studies may be advisable to further evaluate the safety and efficacy of ephedra supplements for weight loss, when taken in dosages that Metabolife has recommended to customers, based on clinical research.

While years of clinical trials have shown ephedra-caffeine products are safe and effective when used appropriately by healthy individuals, to reassure the public, Metabolife is also asking the NIH to support its call for:

  • A ban on the sale of ephedra-based products to minors
  • Detailed dietary supplement good manufacturing practices to insure product consistency
  • Detailed product labeling, including extensive warnings, in addition to a strong consumer education campaign for product advertising
  • The establishment of a mandatory reporting of consumer responses to the FDA

Metabolife President and CEO David Brown and attorney Lanny Davis will hold an on-the-record conference call tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. EDT to discuss this and other recent news relating to Metabolife. The call-in number is 1 888-243-0812, and the code is 6175879

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