Metagenics Enrolls Almost 1,000 Patients in U.S. & Canada Health Challenge Promotion

SAN CLEMENTE, CA—August 30, 2004—As part of its ongoing mission to help improve health through nutrition, Metagenics, Inc. recently announced the winners of its second annual UltraMeal Challenge—a health challenge to promote healthy body composition (a healthy lean mass to fat mass ratio) in the United States & Canada. Altered body composition reflects an elevated ratio of fat mass, indicating an excess of unhealthy body fat. Over 65% of American adults and an estimated 50% to 70% of Canadians have an altered body composition, which puts them at risk for serious health concerns, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In fact, an estimated 21% to 36% of Americans with altered body composition have elevated cholesterol, and approximately 46% of adults aged 45-74 with altered body composition are at risk for prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.

UltraMeal is a line of medical food products (available exclusively through physicians and other licensed healthcare practitioners) designed to nutritionally support conditions associated with altered body composition including dyslipidemia, hypertension, estrogen imbalance, and metabolic syndrome.

Over 970 patients in the United States and Canada signed up for the UltraMeal Challenge—the second in UltraMeal’s 14-year history of clinical use worldwide. Patients with altered body composition were asked to follow the UltraMeal Body Composition Program for 12 weeks as directed by their healthcare provider. The UltraMeal Body Composition Program, which also includes a dietary plan and simple exercise regimen, has been clinically tested and shown to help reduce body fat and promote retention of lean body tissue.

To document each patient’s progress, healthcare providers measured body composition by using approved bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) equipment, which provides an accurate, noninvasive measure of both fat and lean tissue compartments. Twenty-two total winners (11 male and 11 female) were selected based on body composition improvement and a completed entry statement of their 12-week experience. The grand prize winners were awarded the titles of Mr. and Ms. UltraMeal, plus $5,000 and a one-year maintenance supply of UltraMeal products.

“The UltraMeal Challenge has gone above and beyond all my expectations…I have had phenomenal changes on the inside and noticeable results on the outside of my body,” said Martha Niblett of Mesa, AZ, who was selected as Ms. UltraMeal 2004. “I have lost 30 pounds and decreased my unhealthy body fat by 10.6% in 12 weeks. This has inspired me to continue with an UltraMeal life.”

“I feel stronger, healthier, and more energized than I’ve felt since high school. I am in the best shape of my life,” said Jeff Miranda of Portland, OR, who decreased his body fat by 11.5% and was selected as Mr. UltraMeal 2004. “All of these things together have taught me to manage my health in a way that makes my body self-reliant...and that is the biggest, most important health benefit of all. Thank you, UltraMeal!”

Healthcare providers who participated in the UltraMeal Challenge took the opportunity to educate their patients about altered body composition and were pleased to report the outcomes. “When Jeff [Mr. UltraMeal 2004] first came to see me, he was frustrated and confused about why his health was declining,” said Kathleen Retzler, ND, also of Portland, OR. “As you can see, his success on the program was excellent.”

“The continuing goal of this annual health challenge is to increase patients’ awareness of altered body composition and its relationship to serious health concerns,” said Dr. Jeffrey S. Bland, President and Chief Science Officer of Metagenics, Inc. “We are again very pleased to hear of the health improvements that this year’s participants experienced as they incorporated UltraMeal in a regimen of positive lifestyle changes.” Dr. Bland was instrumental in the development of UltraMeal, which is now available in eight soy-based shake formulas and the ready-to-eat UltraMeal® Bar in a variety of flavors.

Metagenics will soon be promoting the next UltraMeal Challenge, which will commence in January 2005. A complete listing of the 2004 UltraMeal Challenge winners is available at

About Metagenics
Metagenics, a privately held company, was founded in 1983 with the mission to help patients achieve their genetic potential through targeted nutrition. The company is headquartered in San Clemente, CA, with its world-class Functional Medicine Research CenterSM (FMRC) and manufacturing facility located in Gig Harbor, WA. MetaProteomics™, Metagenics’ vanguard research center, is dedicated to researching and evaluating the effects of natural ingredients on genetic expression and protein activity. With a talent base of nearly 400 employees worldwide, including a team of over 30 highly trained scientists and clinicians, Metagenics is helping to shape the future of the nutraceutical industry. The company is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified by the NNFA, holds multiple proprietary formula patents, and produces over 400 all-natural, research-based products to optimize health. Committed to innovative product development, research, and continuing practitioner education, Metagenics is the premier formulator and manufacturer of premium-quality nutritional supplements and medical foods sold to healthcare practitioners worldwide. For more information about Metagenics, please visit the company’s Web site at


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