Metagenics Receives Prestigious Family-Owned Business Award

SAN CLEMENTE, CA—December 5, 2003 - Metagenics, Inc. was recently selected as this year’s recipient of the Large Business Award at the fourth annual Family Owned Business Awards ceremony hosted by the Orange County Business Journal and California State University, Fullerton’s Family Business Council. Distinguished service awards were presented in five categories to family-owned businesses at the Hyatt Regency Irvine on November 19th. Jeff Katke, Chairman and CEO of Metagenics, took center stage and respectfully accepted the Large Business Award as family members watched proudly from the audience of over 460 guests. Previous recipients of Family Owned Business Awards include Freedom Communications, Ayres Hotel Group, and J.F. Shea Company. With the 11th largest gross product among metropolitan areas in the United States, Orange County’s economy would rank 32nd globally if it were a nation—ahead of Israel, Singapore, and Malaysia. Family-owned businesses contribute an estimated 60% to Orange County’s gross product, totaling more than $82 billion for 2003.

“For more than 20 years, my family and I have worked side by side to build a strong, mission-focused Metagenics. From humble beginnings in the Katke garage to global leadership as the largest health sciences company providing science-based nutritional products to licensed healthcare practitioners, Metagenics’ success has been inspired by the formidable work ethic instilled in us by our parents and the genuine respect we have for each family member,” said Jeff Katke. “It is my distinct honor and privilege to accept this award on behalf of the Katke family, the Bland family, and our growing family of employees.”

Multiple generations of the Katke and Bland families have been instrumental to the success of the company in many areas—sales, marketing, educational services, accounting, purchasing, creative services, and research and development. Along with the Katke family patriarch and matriarch, James and Marie, thirteen members of the Katke family and eight members of the Bland family have worked at Metagenics—including siblings, spouses, nieces, nephews, and children.

“My family has shown me unwavering support over the years. From them, I draw courage and inspiration,” said Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD, President and Chief Science Officer of Metagenics. “Moreover, I am truly grateful for the hard work and dedication of each Metagenics family member. Through each and every one of them, we will continue to forge the path onward and upward as a health sciences leader.”

About Metagenics
Metagenics, a privately held company, was founded in 1983 with the mission to improve health by helping people achieve their genetic potential through nutrition. The company is headquartered in San Clemente, CA, with its world-class Functional Medicine Research Center (FMRC) and manufacturing facility located in Gig Harbor, WA. MetaProteomics™, Metagenics’ vanguard research center in Ithaca, NY, is dedicated to researching and evaluating the effects of natural ingredients on genetic expression and protein activity. With a talent base of close to 400 employees worldwide, including a team of nearly 40 highly trained scientists and clinicians, Metagenics is helping to shape the future of the nutraceutical industry. The company is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified by the NNFA, holds multiple proprietary formula patents, and produces over 400 all-natural, research-based products to optimize health. Committed to innovative product development, research, and continuing practitioner education, Metagenics is the premier formulator and manufacturer of premium-quality nutritional supplements and medical foods sold to healthcare practitioners worldwide. For more information about Metagenics, please visit the company’s Web site at


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