Milkhaus Laboratory, Inc. Introduces ProstaCycle(R) Dietary Supplement for Men

BRANFORD, Conn., March 3, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Milkhaus Laboratory of Branford, Connecticut announces the launch of ProstaCycle(R), its first product in the Milkhaus Men's Health line of nutritional supplements. Created by Milkhaus physicians, scientists, and nutritional experts, ProstaCycle is formulated to help men take positive action in promoting their prostate health.

ProstaCycle was developed utilizing the services of the Consumer Health Division of the Institutes for Pharmaceutical Discovery L.L.C. (IPD), also of Branford, Connecticut. "Recent statistics show that more than 100 million Americans consume nutritional supplements on a daily basis," states IPD President and CEO James Nolan. "We're excited to help Milkhaus enter this vital and growing market category. We are particularly pleased to be helping launch a product that addresses one of the most common and important of all men's health issues."

Each of the 12 all-natural active ingredients included in ProstaCycle has demonstrated effectiveness. "We are impressed with the quality of the scientific data documenting the effectiveness of these ingredients," states Dale Robinson, Vice President for IPD Consumer Health. "We are also pleased that the sources of this data include institutions such as the National Institutes of Health, the Harvard Medical School, and the Mayo Clinic."

ProstaCycle will be sold directly to consumers and will be promoted through print and radio advertising, a web site, and a toll free telephone number 888-848-6254.

About Milkhaus Laboratory, Inc., Milkhaus Men's Health

Milkhaus Men's Health, a division of Milkhaus Laboratory utilizes the expertise of leading physicians, scientists, medical researchers, nutritionists, and formulation experts to develop dietary supplements and other products to enhance men's overall health and well being.

About the Institutes for Pharmaceutical Discovery, L.L.C.

The Institutes for Pharmaceutical Discovery, L.L.C. (IPD) is a private pharmaceutical discovery and development company headquartered in Branford, CT. Founded in 1995, IPD is the parent company to the Institute for Diabetes Discovery, L.L.C. (IDD), the Institute for Bioanalytics, L.L.C. (IBA) and IPD Consumer Health, L.L.C. Institutes created by IPD combine the proven business experience of senior pharmaceutical executives with the scientific excellence of renowned industry researchers and consulting academic investigators.

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