Mineral Resources International Announces Termination of Exclusive Supply Agreement with Trace Minerals Research

Low-sodium, ionic, Great Salt Lake-derived mineral and trace mineral products now available under the Health Solu+ions™ brand name

September 6, 2006 Ogden, UT —Mineral Resources International (MRI), a dietary supplement manufacturer, announced its exclusive supply agreement for the U.S. health food store market with distributor Trace Minerals Research (TMR) has ended. Natural products retailers may now purchase MRI’s ionic, Great Salt Lake-derived products—formerly sold under the name ConcenTrace®*—within the new Health Solu+ions product line.

Until recently, MRI, owned by the Anderson Family, the founders of Trace Minerals Research, had been the exclusive manufacturer of ConcenTrace®* and other products containing ionic minerals and trace minerals harvested from Utah’s Great Salt Lake for TMR. However, a contractual dispute between MRI and TMR has caused the exclusive supply agreement to terminate. As a result, MRI is now selling its Great Salt Lake-derived mineral products under the Health Solu+ions™ brand name directly to health food stores for which TMR previously served as MRI’s exclusive distributor.

MRI has not supplied TMR with minerals since April 2006. TMR recently informed customers that it has switched its mineral supply source.

“It is unfortunate that we can no longer continue in a partnership with Trace Mineral Research,” said Bruce Anderson, president of MRI. “MRI will not elaborate at this time on the specific reasons behind the termination of the supply agreement,” said Anderson.

TMR was founded, owned, and run by the Anderson family for 31 years until 1999 when it was sold to a group of private investors. However, the Anderson family has continued to own and operate MRI and Northshore Limited Partnership, which harvest minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake and manufacture a complete line of dietary supplements sold in the U.S. and several international countries.

Minerals harvested and concentrated by Northshore and MRI undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal concentration, safety, and purity. MRI’s harvesting operation, located on the northernmost tip of the Great Salt Lake, is authorized, inspected, and regulated by the State of Utah, which owns the lake. As such, MRI’s mineral products are the only food-grade mineral product, properly licensed, coming from the Great Salt Lake.

Since MRI’s harvesting operation, Northshore Limited Partnership, is currently the only state-licensed and inspected food-grade harvesting operation on the Great Salt Lake, and since it takes two years—on average—to naturally process the mineral product that MRI formerly manufactured for TMR under the brand name ConcenTrace*, retailers and consumers can rely on MRI to provide them with the same high-quality mineral products that the Anderson family has been harvesting from the Great Salt Lake. MRI urges any company, retailer, or consumer purchasing or considering purchasing mineral products purporting to be derived from the Great Salt Lake from any source other than MRI to make a diligent inquiry into the source and processing methods of such other products.

To schedule a real or virtual tour of MRI’s harvesting and manufacturing facilities, please contact Bruce Anderson or Val Anderson.

For more information, retailers may visit www.mineralresourcesint.com or call 1-800-731-7866.

*These trade names, as well as Trace Minerals Research, are trade names owned by Trace Minerals Research, LLC, which is no longer affiliated with Mineral Resources International.

About Health Solu+ions and Mineral Resources International:
Health Solu+ions is a division of Mineral Resources International. Mineral Resources International (MRI) is a dietary supplement manufacturer and the only government-inspected food grade harvester of minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. MRI specializes in developing and manufacturing quality nutritional supplements in liquid, tablet, and powder delivery forms using minerals and trace minerals harvested from Utah's Great Salt Lake. MRI manufactures nearly 50 products ranging from multi-vitamins to targeted nutritional formulas using bioactive, ionic minerals. In addition, MRI can also provide a range of customized bulk mineral products.

Contact: Bruce Anderson, President
Mineral Resources International
Phone: (801) 731-7040, ext. 314
[email protected]

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