Mineral Resources International, Inc. Issues Cease and Desist to Desquera Worldwide Regarding Unlawful Use of Trademarks in Malaysia

July 22, 2008, Ogden, UT —Mineral Resources International, Inc. (MRI) announced it has directed the issuance of a cease and desist letter to Desquera Worldwide Sdn Bhd regarding the sale of products labeled with the Trace Minerals Research® and ConcenTrace® brand names.

Internationally, MRI is maintaining its position that MRI and its predecessors and or assignees (collectively also referred to as MRI) are the only parties that have the exclusive rights to use the Trace Minerals Research brand and ConcenTrace® trade marks as they are sole owners under Trade Mark Registration Nos. 94-08799 and 94-08802 respectively in Malaysia. Trace Minerals Research, L.C. (TMR, L.C.) and its international affiliates, companies, officers, agents, etc. are not authorized to sell, market, distribute, produce, or offer to sell products with the above-listed MRI Malaysian registered trademarks in Malaysia.

Bruce Anderson, president/CEO of MRI stated, “When the Andersons sold off the U.S. health-food-store marketing company, they did so with certain clear restrictions. While Mssrs. Matt Kilts, Scott Perkes, and Craig Miles had exclusive rights to the U.S. health-food-store market, the Andersons retained ownership of product formulas in addition to certain trademarks and worked closely with their local marketing partners in various countries to establish and build the international markets using the same brand names, which were not included in the sale of the U.S. health-food-store market to TMR L.C. TMR, L.C. has entered our international markets and tried to capitalize on the MRI goodwill and value that has never belonged to TMR, L.C.”

This is the second cease and desist letter MRI has issued against TMR, L.C. and/or one of its distributors regarding the unlawful use of trademarks outside of the United States. In April of 2007, MRI issued a cease and desist letter to TMR, L.C., and ECOMAX Nutrition located in Canada.

MRI again reiterates to TMR, L.C, Desquera Worldwide, TMR L.C.’s new supplier, and the international agents of TMR, L.C. that it will not hesitate to pursue further action including injunctions, damages, interests and costs for use of MRI marks, formulas, and products outside of the United States health-food-store market.

About Mineral Resources International:
Founded through a parent company in 1967 by the Anderson family, Mineral Resources International, Inc. (MRI) (www.mineralresourcesint.com) specializes in developing, manufacturing, and distributing noteworthy nutritional supplements in liquid, tablet, and powder delivery forms integrating naturally occurring minerals and trace minerals harvested from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Through its close relationship with Northshore Limited Partnership, its exclusive supplier and the only government-inspected, food-grade, solar evaporation mineral harvester on the Great Salt Lake, MRI, Inc. goes to great lengths to ensure an all-natural, GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe)-certified mineral and trace mineral product while maintaining consistent standardization, concentration, and balance in each lot of product produced. MRI, Inc. manufactures a complete line of innovative dietary supplements ranging from multi-vitamins to targeted nutritional formulas using all-natural ionic minerals. In addition, MRI, Inc. provides a complete portfolio of natural ionic mineral ingredients for use in supplement, functional beverages and foods. MRI’s products are sold worldwide through a variety of distribution channels including natural products and specialty retail stores, salons and estheticians, and natural health care practitioners.

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