Mineral Resources Receives Kosher Certification

Mineral Resources International, Inc. (“MRI”) is pleased to announce that its line of all-natural, premium, liquid mineral and trace element dietary supplements and ingredients have attained Kosher certification from Star-K Certification, Inc.

The mineral supplements manufactured by MRI that will now feature the Star-K Kosher seal include Anderson’s Concentrated Mineral Drops (CMD) ™, OmniMin™, FortiSalt™, and elete Electrolyte Add-In™. In addition, Star-K certified MRI’s liquid, all-natural, full-spectrum, GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) mineral ingredients, which can be used as a functional ingredient in beverages, foods, or supplements.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers Kosher certified products by Star-K,” said Val John Anderson, Executive Vice-President and Director of Sales and Marketing for MRI. “We are honored to now display the Star-K symbol, which is a trusted and internationally recognized certification, on our product packaging. This certification is further demonstration to consumers that MRI strives to manufacture mineral supplements and ingredients of the highest quality.”

Customers and potential customers may request a copy of MRI’s Kosher certificate, which is valid worldwide through May 31, 2011.

Due to a labeling transition with elete and Anderson’s Health Solute ions products, MRI’s labels will—for a short time—feature the Kosher-certification seal of the Rabbinical Council of California (RCC). Currently, these product lines have dual certification from both the RCC and Star-K. However, until the label transition is complete and new labels are printed, many elete and Anderson’s Health Solute ions product labels will feature the RCC Kosher-certification seal.

As part of its certification with Star-K, MRI had to meet strict requirements, which included providing documentation for Kosher certification for all of MRI’s products and Rabbinical inspections not just of MRI’s manufacturing facility, but NorthShore, the Anderson family’s mineral harvesting operation and supplier of all-natural, food-grade minerals. As part of its ongoing certification and compliance, MRI will continue to receive ongoing inspections of its documentation, manufacturing facility, products and ingredients.

In addition to the Star-K Kosher certification, MRI is a cGMP-certified facility, certified by NSF International.

For more information, please contact MRI at 1.800.731.7866.

About Mineral Resources International, Inc.
Founded through a parent company formed in 1969 by the Anderson family, Mineral Resources International, Inc. (MRI) (www.mineralresourcesint.com) specializes in developing, manufacturing, and distributing noteworthy nutritional supplements in liquid, tablet, and powder delivery forms, integrating naturally occurring minerals and trace minerals harvested from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Through its close relationship with NorthShore Limited Partnership, its exclusive supplier and the only government-inspected, food-grade, solar evaporation mineral harvester on the Great Salt Lake, MRI goes to great lengths to ensure an all-natural, GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) mineral and trace element product while maintaining consistent standardization, concentration, and balance in each lot. MRI manufactures a complete line of innovative dietary supplements ranging from multi-vitamins to targeted nutritional formulas using all-natural ionic minerals. In addition, MRI provides a complete portfolio of premium, all-natural ionic mineral ingredients for use in supplements, functional beverages and foods. MRI’s products are sold worldwide through a variety of distribution channels including natural products, specialty retail stores, and natural health care practitioners.

About STAR-K
STAR-K Kosher Certification, a not-for-profit agency, is one of the most trusted kosher certification organizations in the world. With offices throughout the U.S., China, Australia, and Israel, STAR-K certifies food products and establishments, as well as industrial food chemicals, in well over 1,500 locations worldwide. The agency is internationally renowned for its extensive research on the complexities of food science and modern technology, as they apply to the laws of kosher, putting it on the cutting edge of the ever-growing multi-billion dollar kosher food industry. It is one of the foremost experts in the field of kosher pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, and medications. For more information about STAR-K, call (410) 484-4110, or visit www.star-k.org.

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