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Minnesota Applied Research Center Completes 1000 Subject Visits in Weight Loss Trials and adds DXA Scanning Capabilities

EDINA, MN – Minnesota Applied Research Center (MARC) announced the completion of more than 1000 subject visits in weight loss trials at the clinical research center this summer. In addition, MARC added new technical capabilities in the form of three PASSPORT Monitors, two new TRUE ONE® 2400 Metabolic Measurement Systems, and a new state-of-the-art Lunar Prodigy Advance Plus Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) machine.

The portable PASSPORT Monitors (Datascope Corp., Paramus, NJ) measure ECG, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, respiration rate and temperature. The two new TRUE ONE® Metabolic Measurement Systems (ParvoMedics, Inc., Sandy, UT) measure respired carbon dioxide and oxygen consumption with computerized analytical programs designed to assess indirect calorimetry parameters including total energy expenditure and resting metabolic rate. This technology is used for athletic testing, energy/nutritional assessment, exercise physiology, sports medicine/rehabilitation, and cardiopulmonary testing.

The new Lunar Prodigy Advance Plus DXA scanner (GE Healthcare, Madison, WI) is considered a “gold standard” for measuring bone mineral density, diagnosing osteoporosis and following bone density over time. Of interest to the weight loss community, this instrument can also measure total body composition including accurate and objective

assessments of individual fat, lean and bone tissues. The full body DXA scan provides measures in gram amounts and total body percentages for body fat, lean and bone tissues. This is an excellent tool to assess weight loss therapies, fitness programs, sports medicines, endocrine/growth disorders and osteoporosis. For MARC weight loss trials, DXA scans are taken before and after a diet program protocol designed to assess the success of using natural products in combination with calorie reduction and exercise for fat loss and lean muscle preservation.

“Many of our clients, customers, and sponsors are interested in weight loss and the benefits that natural products bring to address the international epidemic in obesity” says Joy Frestedt, PhD, Executive Director of Research, Minnesota Applied Research Center. “This expansion is timely as the US, European and international regulations are becoming more defined for the substantiation needed for claims about natural products. We are excited to be growing and expanding to address the need for excellent clinical research in many areas including the area of weight management and the use of natural products.”

About MARC
The Minnesota Applied Research Center (MARC) is a fully equipped clinical research facility with the ability to take a research idea from conception to completion. MARC provides professional, timely and cost effective clinical trials for the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. In addition, MARC provides consulting services for the design and conduct of clinical trials, the review and monitoring of ongoing trials, and the documentation and submission of trial results for publication or claims support. MARC is based in Edina, Minnesota and can be reached at 952-974-4370 or

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Joy Frestedt, PhD, Executive Director of Research
Minnesota Applied Research Center
952-974-4370 x 232

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