Mission Mountain Laboratories, Inc. Announces Opening of Secondary Laboratory and Launch of New Website

Arlee, MT. – February 22, 2007 – Mission Mountain Laboratories, Inc, (MML)(www.missionmountainlabs.com) is pleased to announce the opening of additional laboratory facilities.

"The opening of a supplemental chemistry and microbiological testing facility is due to the growth of the company and the increasing demand from the nutraceutical community for a laboratory providing quality service and cost competitiveness. Team members at MML have worked hard to ensure customer satisfaction and that deadlines are always met with efficiency and accuracy," states Dr. Michele E. Quam, MML Vice President.

In addition, MML is also pleased to announce the launch of its new website, which better meets the needs of its client community. The website is now easier to navigate and provides more detailed information regarding the different testing services now available.

For quotes on testing services, please contact Kimberly Nuccio, Director of Laboratory Services via email at [email protected].

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