Monordica Supplement Tablets

Monordica Supplement Tablets
Record ID: 1267805
Company: Lacvietpharm
Brand: Vinadica
Category: Healthcare
Sub-Category: Vitamins & Dietary Supplements
Country: Vietnam
Date Published: 01 Apr 2010
Product source: Shopper
Launch Type: New Product
Price in local currency: 40000.00
Price in US Dollars: 2.17
Price in Euros: 1.53
Bar Code: 8968500465069

Product Description
Vinadica Monordica Supplement Tablets contain beta carotene, lycopene, vitamins and other necessary agents for good health. The product prevents and treats eyesight symptoms such as day-blindness, dry cornea, cataract, myopic; detoxifying such toxic as dioxin, radiation, antibiotic; improving body resistance, immune ability; preventing and treating cancer, hepatitis, and cirrhosis. It is retailed in a pack containing 100 units.
Product Variants

Product Variant

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Monordica Supplement Tablets

Ingredients: Beta carotene, lycopene, vitamin, other agents
Nutrition: Not indicated on pack

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