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More science published on Svetol(R)

Avignon, FRANCE – January 14th, 2008 – The “Actifs Innovants” department of Naturex announces the publication of two works in peer-review journals.

Responding to a world growing market that asks for more and more science as evidence of health claims, the “Actifs Innovants” department of Naturex fuels its lifelong strategy, based on science, with the publication of the scientific trials realized on its special ingredients. Additionally, this more than completes the obligation with regards to new European regulations on health claims, which will requires companies to show the scientific proof necessary to justify their claims.

As an additional step in its scientific process, “Actifs Innovants” has just published a complete review on the different works investigated on Svetol®’s efficacy, mechanism of action and bioavailability. This work completes another one on Svetol®’s mechanism of action and other studies that have already been published. “In accordance to Naturex new strategy, this permits Actifs Innovants to target a wider market, especially the large food companies who are in demand for active ingredients validated by published clinical trials”, said Benoit Lemaire, Business Director at Naturex, “Actifs Innovants” department.

Svetol®, a water-soluble extract of decaffeinated green coffee beans, already benefits of a complete bibliographical support which supply a technical and scientific file of more than 200 pages.
Based on this exceptional scientific background, the study on Svetol®’s efficacy on weight management has been published last year in Phytothérapie. This study reveals the ability of Svetol® to reduce the body mass index (BMI) and to increase the lean mass to fat mass ratio.

On the basis of this study and the scientific bibliography – on coffee and the active compounds in it – two different mechanisms of action were proposed and validated by “Actifs Innovants” to explain the weight management activity of Svetol®.

Svetol® works as a fat burner:
1. by decreasing the glucose intestinal absorption
2. by inhibiting the glucose-6-phosphatase (G-6-Pase) in the liver.

The first approach is the inhibition of glucose absorption from the digestive tract. This has been validated in a clinical trial on humans. A 400 mg Svetol® supplementation per day for 40 days significantly reduces the post-load glyceamia after an oral glucose tolerance test, without any change in the pre-load glyceamia. The trial, realized in collaboration with Pr. Blum has just been published in the peer-review journal, NUTRAfoods.

Svetol has also been demonstrated to significantly inhibit G-6-Pase, hepatic enzyme permitting glucose release from the liver. The decrease of intestinal glucose absorption and the inhibition of G-6-Pase both conduce to a blood sugar concentration regulation

“Thanks to these two ways of action, the body has to get energy from another source than from the first directly available sources (liver and general circulation), i.e. to burn fat from the adipose tissue”, said Dr Lafay, Ph. D. at Naturex, “Actifs Innovants” department.


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