Morishita Jintan Making Efforts to Strengthen Health Food and Functional Ingredient Safety

Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd., in aiming to strengthen the safety of its functional ingredients and the health foods in which they are used, has been collecting together safety data on raw materials and finished products in order to publish them on the Web. Also, by working together with firms that have an abundance of evidence and safety information, the company is looking to develop products that consumers can use with peace of mind. Moreover, through efforts towards data collection regarding drug interactions between functional ingredients and pharmaceuticals in its collaborative research with universities, the company will proactively carry out information disclosure. Regarding the maintenance of safety information, cross-sectoral projects will be set up within the company that will take up on a priority basis those ingredients that are thought to pose a risk (according to a strict set of standards); for six months, a certain level of safety information will need to be gathered sequentially on these ingredients.
In terms of new products, “Kyowa no Agaricus Dake ®” has been selected to go on the market as the first product which uses Agaricus subrufescens mushrooms as its raw material. The company created the product through technical cooperation, and the product is made from 100% Agaricus subrufescens mushrooms.

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