Morsels of wisdom from Jim Joseph, PhD

Anti-oxidant expert, Jim Joseph, PhD, powered the Nutracon audience with a powerful presentation on the power of berries and walnuts for the preventing oxidative stress and inflammation, the major causes of aging. Joseph is not only known for brilliant science, he is also known for brilliant quips to illustrate highly technical science. Fi editors collected a few of Joseph’s witticisms from his presentation:

  • “Which high antioxidant fruits and vegetables are best? Look for colors, M&Ms don’t count. “
  • “White wine is for losers. Remember in Sideways when they said Merlot was for losers, not true.”
  • “What will get you in a nursing home faster is motor control problems. If Uncle Jake takes leak in your flower pot every night, you will not be as mad as if you have to carry Uncle Jake up the stairs every night.”
  • “Why do walnuts work on the brain…they look like brains.”
  • “A diet that is good for your brain is also good for your heart…and your eyes…and the rest of you.”
  • “Whole blueberries work better than the individual components. Eat the whole blueberry.”
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