Move Over Toxic Household and Industrial Lubricants…Here Comes Soy

Vancouver, WA- Bi-O-Kleen announces Soy Lube SL-100, the first and only natural alternative to highly toxic, hazardous lubricants that contain dangerous petroleum distillates, harmful vapors, VOCs and acids.

Conventional lubricants, called “Total-Loss Lubricants” because their liquids and vapors expel directly into the environment, must be labeled with warnings because of strict Federal Regulations and OSHA requirements. There are the four criteria that these bodies use to define a hazardous material: toxicity, corrosivity, reactivity and flammability. Because Soy Lube SL-100 is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-reactive and non-flammable, NO warning statements are necessary. This represents the first time such a product is offered to consumers.

Highly effective Soy Extract makes Soy Lube SL-100 the perfect solution for hundreds of household and industrial uses: squeaks, loosening stuck parts; inhibiting rust and corrosion; sealing and drying out moisture; and more…

This unique, leading-edge product has higher viscosity, lower evaporation loss and higher lubricity than mineral oil lubricants.

Soy Lube SL-100 is safe in the home, in the shop, at production facilities, and in industrial settings. Soy Lube SL-100 protects the environment and the people using it!

Soy Lube SL-100 joins Bi-O-Kleen’s family of breakthrough formulas based on soy extract: Soy Blends Toilet Scrub, Soy Blends Soy Cream Cleaner and Citrus Soy Solvent.

Soy Lube SL-100 12 to a case. Suggested Retail $ 4.39- $ 4.59. Contact:

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