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Mueggenburg Targets North-American Markets

Elizabeth, New Jersey - (January 2004) - Mueggenburg North America (, announces that it is establishing long-term relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of natural raw materials for the food, health, cosmetic and technical industry in the territories of the United States and Canada.

Following the 65 years of integrity and reliability of the former Paul Müggenburg Group in Hamburg, Germany, the new Mueggeburg North America is now targeting the North American market, with offices located in Florida and New Jersey.

The Atlantic Beach, FL based company supplies superior quality products through careful selected seeds, soils and environments.

Modern production facilities help Mueggeburg North America to produce the quality their customers and their consumers expect and request. Also, qualified independent laboratories will certify the quality of the products offered.

Mueggeburg North America’s services include the following:

  • International trade
  • Cultivation
  • Harvest and Production
  • Extensive blending capabilities for a wide assortment of customized blends
  • Commitment to quality backed by experienced personnel

Mueggeburg North America’s goal is to achieve a good and strong business relationship with its customers, targeting exceptional levels of quality.
“I am very excited with this opportunity”, said Dirk Mueggenburg, CEO of Mueggenburg North America. “Our partners are aware that we put quality above all. We believe that cooperation, support and communication are essential bricks for a successful partnership”, Mr. Mueggenburg added.

As a dynamic and flexible partner, Mueggenburg North America supplies not only the health and dietary/ supplement industry, but the Beverage, Black and Green tea, Flavor, Herbal Tea Aroma, Food, Liqueur, Perfume and Cosmetic, and Technical Industries as well.

Dirk Mueggenburg, CEO
E-Mail: [email protected]
Atlantic Beach, FL - Phone:(904) 249 8074 Fax:(512) 853 6851

Pedro Bento
E-Mail: [email protected]
Elizabeth, NJ - Phone:(908) 289 4465 Fax:(512) 853 6851

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