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Muze Launches Muze Store-Plus for Body, Mind, Spirit: The Ultimate Information Source for Health and New Age Books, Videos and Music

-Muze Store-Plus Helps Retailers Add High Quality Web Features and Drive Customer Loyalty in the Thriving Body, Mind, Spirit Marketplace-

Muze Inc., a leading provider of entertainment product information for music, books, videos and games, recently launched Muze Store-Plus for Body, Mind, Spirit (BMS), the ultimate information source for health and new age books, videos and music.

Muze Store-Plus for Body, Mind, Spirit is a unique online service for people passionate about spirituality, wellness and organic living. The service was designed specifically for savvy shoppers who rely on the expert advice of their favorite retailer or Web site. The service lets business owners give their customers access to detailed product information for tens of thousands of books, videos and CDs in the body, mind, spirit genre.

For more than a decade Muze has been helping retailers build customer loyalty, increase traffic and drive commerce by providing the most comprehensive product content available. To create the new service, Muze filtered through the universe of books, videos and music to include the most relevant products for this audience. The data experts at Muze then added the essential information customers need to make informed choices, such as product descriptions, review excerpts and author biographies, and packaged it to create a rich learning and browsing experience.

Shirley Knapp, president of Northwinds Productions Inc.( and an author, spiritual teacher and energy healer, began using the Store-Plus service on her Web site in December.

“My customers rely on my Web site for the information they need to lead a more spiritual and productive life. With Muze Store-Plus for Body, Mind, Spirit, I can put them in touch with tens of thousands of books, videos and music that I know they’ll love,” said Knapp.

“We built Muze Store-Plus specifically to meet the needs of the burgeoning body, mind, spirit market. Our experienced editors brought together an expansive collection of the most important books, videos and music in this popular genre,” said Paul Zullo, president and chief executive office of Muze.

“With the Store-Plus service, retailers can give their customers access to a dynamic viewing, listening and learning experience online without exhausting their internal resources. The result is tremendous customer appreciation and loyalty. Muze Store-Plus for Body, Mind, Spirit empowers retailers to share their knowledge and expertise with a passionate audience making their business an invaluable information destination,” added Zullo.

About Muze Inc.
Muze is the leading source of entertainment product information for music, books, videos, and games. Since 1991 Muze has provided businesses with the most comprehensive and accurate entertainment content designed to help their customers make informed purchasing decisions. Muze content drives commerce by providing customers with detailed information about entertainment products, turning browsers into buyers. More than 250 companies, including some of the leading media/web properties, rely on Muze’s rich entertainment content to sell their products. In fact, Muze is the backbone of online commerce for major players in the entertainment retail business including Yahoo!, America Online, Tower Records, Best Buy, Virgin and MTV. Muze product information also drives commerce by providing in-store solutions for companies such as Transworld Entertainment, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hastings and others. Muze is based in New York City with European headquarters in London. To learn more about Muze, please visit

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