Nagase Beauty Care Launches "Belmash R" Health Food with Rosemary Extract Carnosine

On 1 December 2008, Nagase Beauty Care & Co., Ltd. will launch “Belmash R”, which contains the company-pioneered rosemary extract carnosine ingredient. The ingredient is extracted from the plant using the company’s unique extraction technology. Through its many years of research into rosemary, Nagase discovered the functionality of carnosic acid (a main constituent of rosemary) on helping people’s ability to think. Therefore, rather than aim at creating a product that increased life expectancy, the company have created a product that aims to nourish the body’s “control tower”--the mind and its ability to think--in order to extend consumers’ healthy and independent life span. The product is priced at JPY 8,500/30 x 1.5 g packets.

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