Nanotech Foods and Supplements Intrigues Consumers, but Makes Them Wary

Breaking Analysis, Not Breaking NewsTM

New research in the NutraAnalyst E-Newsletter explores consumer attitudes towards nanotechnology. NutraAnalyst found that consumers find benefits of nanotechnology like enhanced absorption of nutrients intriguing, with a small portion of the market even expressing a willingness to pay a modest premium for foods or supplements using nanotech ingredients. However, when the conversation moved away from benefits, consumers made it clear that many aspects of this new technology worry them.

Each edition of the NutraAnalyst E-Newsletter provides subscribers with real-time consumer data, intelligence and analysis on breaking issues like nanotechnology that cannot be found elsewhere. The next issue will focus on whether the heparin / over-sulfated chondroitin scandal could taint joint health consumers’ attitudes.

Critical strategic issues like food safety, sustainability, recession, and skyrocketing raw material costs impact the industry daily. Without actionable information, decision makers are forced to rely on intuition alone.

The NutraAnalyst E-Newsletter:
• Is published twice per month to address issues as they arise;
• Provides real-time consumer data and analysis on each issue;
• Comes in a concise one-page format for busy executives; and
• Has clear, easy-to read charts supporting the analysis.

While each subscription costs $24.95 per month, the first edition is available as a free download on the NutraAnalyst website ( and analyzes consumer attitudes towards Chinese-sourced nutrition ingredients, including country of origin labelling and how it affects purchase intent. In addition, NutraAnalyst offers a deeper analysis of consumer attitudes of each issue in its Consumer Briefings, for companies that need greater segmentation of consumers.

As an added bonus, subscribers will also receive breaking news updates on strategic issues as they happen, often before our subscribers know they are an issue.

You cannot afford to miss the NutraAnalyst E-Newsletter! Get breaking analysis to go with the breaking news that affects your company.

NutraAnalyst is dedicated to producing information tools that help functional food and dietary supplement companies and executives. For more information, visit its website at or contact Lindsay Wright at +1 (801) 474-2570.

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