The NAT’Life Division of Naturex informs Italian, Spanish and German speaking consumers

June 23rd 2008, Libourne - FRANCE – The NAT’Life Division of Naturex announces the publication of its products web sites in 3 more languages: Spanish, Italian and German. With its exceptional sales force, dispatched all around the world, Naturex confirms its worldwide presence and answers to client demands, especially by informing the final consumer on its branded ingredients.

The information needs of the final consumer, particularly on the branded ingredients featured on the label of their health products, is a great concern for the NAT’Life Division. It’s also essential to place dedicated web sites at their disposal, as was realized with Svetol® ( and Cyracos® (

That’s the reason why the Nat’Life division* translated Svetol® and Cyracos® web sites into Italian, Spanish and German, in addition to the already available French and English versions. As an example, English, Spanish and French are the official languages for more than 2.4 billion people over the world**, representing more than a third of the world population (estimated at 6.0 billion according to the same source).

These websites are dedicated to:
- inform the end consumer with valuable clear and simple data on each ingredient, its properties and safety;
- offer NAT Life’s clients an additional tool supporting their communication for the launch and promotion of a new health product.

* The NAT’Life division develops active ingredients with branded trademarks, backed up by a large scientific and
technical support dedicated to claims files of NAT Life’s clients (see Press release of May 12th, 2008; available on

** Source: Ethnologue, 13e édition, Barbara F. Grimes Editor, Summer Institute of Linguistics Inc., 1996;

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