National Enzyme Company Announces Annual Co-Exhibition with Chinese Company Wedar Biotechnology

National Enzyme Company and Wedar Biotechnology have announced their annual co-exhibition at the upcoming CPhI tradeshow in Shanghai. CPhI China 2009 will take place June 23-25 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). The purpose of this co-exhibition is to strengthen the current business relationship NEC and Wedar share and to help promote NEC’s products in China. Together, this relationship will help to better serve their customers.

“The enzymatic nutrition market is a novel niche in the Chinese nutraceutical industry. Wedar has worked with NEC as a partner since 2004, and has become the pioneer in the Chinese nutraceutical and functional food industry. NEC's strong technical and multinational regulatory experience is very important in helping Wedar to respond quickly while facing one of the most dynamic and challenging business environments in the world,” said Kevin Hu, president of Wedar Biotechnology.

“We are very pleased to have worked with Wedar for the past 5 years. Wedar’s strong sales and marketing force have made NEC’s products very well known and well accepted in the Chinese market. Wedar’s efforts have also resulted in a steady growth for NEC’s products and we expect to see continuing growth in the future. Through our co-exhibition at CPhI in China, we are also given the opportunity to educate more people about the importance of enzymes to their health. Both Wedar Biotechnology and National Enzyme Company are once again looking forward to working together at this upcoming tradeshow,” said Grace Yu Wen Lu, international sales and marketing manager for National Enzyme Company.

Since 1932, National Enzyme Company has been the leader in nutritional enzyme technology. From research and development to marketing support, NEC provides manufacturers and distributors worldwide with comprehensive dietary supplement services while adhering to strict NSF and TGA certified GMPs.

Located in Taiwan, Wedar Biotechnology is an internationally operated nutraceutical ingredient supplier for the dietary supplement and nutraceutical industry. Providing new product development and formulation management, they offer a strong consulting system to integrate customer’s product registration, literature development and marketing promotion. They represent branded ingredients and supply to Asian and Worldwide markets.

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