National Enzyme Company Launches BioCore™

Building Blocks for the World’s Best Digestive Solutions

Two years ago, National Enzyme Company, in collaboration with TNO of the Netherlands presented the first quantitative evidence proving the efficacy of supplemental digestive enzymes. That revolutionary enzyme formulation is now the basis of NEC’s new line of products called BioCore™. BioCore Optimum™ acts as the foundation for the BioCore™ line of blends; it is a comprehensive digestive enzyme product that is a direct result of the NEC-TNO study. BioCore™ offers eight other products that can be used along with BioCore Optimum™ to create products for every digestive application.

The BioCore™ line of products can be divided into two categories. The first category consists of BioCore Optimum™, BioCore Pro™, BioCore Lipo™, and BioCore Carbo™. BioCore Pro™ is a composition of proteases designed to optimize the digestion of proteins. BioCore Lipo™ is a unique combination of lipases that target digestive problems associated with the high fat content of a fast food diet. BioCore Carbo™ can he added to the comprehensive formula for better assimilation of carbohydrates and is more suited toward a low fat diet. Thus BioCore Pro™, BioCore Lipo™, and BioCore Carbo™, can be added to BioCore Optimum™ in the necessary amounts to tailor the product to any particular dietary need.

The second category in the BioCore™ line of products is geared toward specific gastrointestinal and digestive applications. BioCore Dairy™ is a potent formula comprised of lactase and protease designed to alleviate symptoms associated with dairy intolerance. BioCore Dairy Ultra™ is an enhanced dairy formulation targeting milk fat in addition to dairy intolerance. BioCore DPP IV™ is the first product with a standardized DPP IV (dipeptidyl peptidase) activity. These products can be added to BioCore Optimum™ to create specialized blends that are tailored to fit the needs any application.

The two newest additions to the BioCore™ family are BioCore AR™ and BioCore Kids™. BioCore AR™ is a patent pending digestive enzyme CHEWABLE that offers instant relief from occasional heartburn. BioCore Kids™ is a CHEWABLE digestive enzyme supplement created to nurture your child’s digestive health and optimize nutrition from food.

BioCore™ is a line of superior digestive enzyme products. It is the culmination of over seven decades of extensive research in the field of digestion and digestive enzymes. The products in BioCore™ are all that are needed to create the world's best digestive solutions.

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