National Spirituality and Personal Transformation Tour To Make Stop in Malibu

(MALIBU, Calif.) --- Anxiety. Personal turmoil. Unhealthy competition. Addictions. Greed. Craving for power. Each has secured a foothold in the nation’s culture, and only through a succession of spiritual breakthroughs can individuals achieve their true potential. This bold challenge was first articulated by spirituality authority Peter Amato more than 10 years ago. Today, that challenge has become a personal invitation, which individuals are now able to embrace for themselves. On December 3 and 4, Amato will bring his nationally acclaimed Inner Harmony Approach to the Malibu coast, a weekend workshop that inspires a new sense of purpose, peace, and passion among participants.

The Inner Harmony Approach stimulates personal development and transformation based on a time-honored approach to the pursuit of higher consciousness. “By purposefully harmonizing an individual’s mind, body, and spirit, the approach will begin to shape a refreshing and exhilarating perspective on life for all who are touched by the program,” says Amato, CEO of the Inner Harmony Group in Pennsylvania. The weekend program reveals the powerful roles that yoga, meditation, and stress-reducing breathing play in the life of anyone charting a course of renewal – including those in recovery from addictions, those struggling with a negative self-image, those under pressure from high levels of stress, those with a propensity toward anger, and those who have kept love and joy from reigning in their lives. Workshop participants will learn practical tools for developing and maintaining a positive attitude and perspective, feeling at ease in the face of chaos or turmoil, and accepting people, places, and things without judgment.

The workshop is scheduled from 9:00 am – 5:30 pm, on Saturday, December 3 and Sunday, December 4. The setting for this transformational weekend is Renaissance Malibu, a premier addictions treatment center located at 30765 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. The cost for the weekend is $249, which includes the program, course materials, and a light lunch on both days.

For more information, directions, hotel recommendations, or to register for the weekend workshop, please call Judy Ember at (520) 232-9840.

The Inner Harmony Approach is a program of the Inner Harmony Group, reaching new heights in purpose, satisfaction, and performance by pursuing and tapping into your spiritual potential. Visit us at

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