National Starch/Corn Products wins FIE award

National Starch/Corn Products wins FIE award

National Starch Food Innovation/Corn Products International announces that its  starch-based beverage emulsifier, Purity Gum® Ultra, won the Beverage Innovation of the Year award at Food Ingredients Excellence Awards.

The award was presented at the 25th Annual Food Ingredients Europe (FIE) trade show in Paris, France. The awards, which are presented every two years, recognize the major innovations in the food industry in six categories. Among the 80 total entrants, National Starch/Corn Products entered the Beverage category to ultimately be elected for the win.

“We are very excited to have won this award, and for the accolades about Purity Gum Ultra emulsifier’s ability to help beverage suppliers create consumer-winning products,” said Dinah Diaz, market development manager, beverages and encapsulation with National Starch Food Innovation. “This recognition underscores our commitment to creating innovative beverage solutions that meet real and ever-changing consumer demands.”

Purity Gum Ultra is a new emulsifier for creating cloudy beverages. An easy-to-use ingredient, Purity Gum Ultra emulsifier delivers exceptional turbidity and stability in soft and alcoholic beverage formulations. Cost-effective as well as functional, Purity Gum Ultra emulsifier reduces recipe costs and lowers manufacturing costs by as much as 50 percent.

For more information, please contact National Starch Food Innovation at [email protected], or visit

About National Starch and Corn Products International

National Starch Food Innovation, part of Corn Products International, is a leading global supplier of nature-based functional and nutritional ingredient solutions to the food and beverage industries. Corn Products International, Inc. is a leading global ingredient provider to the food, beverage, brewing and pharmaceutical industries as well as numerous industrial sectors. The company produces ingredients that provide valuable solutions to customers in approximately 50 countries. For more information, visit

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