Natreon, Inc., Granted Two Additional Patents For Sensoril(R) and Essentra(R)

New Brunswick, NJ, February 20, 2008 - Natreon, Inc., a leading producer of novel compounds extracted from the traditional botanicals of Ayurvedic medicine, announced today the company has been granted two additional patents for its Withania somnifera extract from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Patent US 7.250,181 B2 addresses the use of Withania somnifera with Natreon’s patented and highly purified Shilajit and Mangifera indica for use as an anti-viral and or immune-supporting agent. This combination is described in the patent as a cost effective immune- supporting agent ideal for use during the maintenance phase of the treatment, following an initial viral load reduction phase in which it is used as an adjuvant to conventional anti-viral drug therapy.

US Patent 7.318,938 B2 relates to a highly purified extract of Withania somnifera with advantageous levels of withanolide glycosides and oligosaccharides, a minimum of polysaccharides, and substantially low levels of free withaferin A and equivalents (withanolide aglycones), which composition provides enhanced cognition-enhancing effects for the user. Claims in the patent refer to its use to reduce stress, improve memory, and support better immune status in humans.

Natreon’s Withania somnifera is available to both the dietary supplement industry and the food and beverage industry under the brand names Sensoril® and Essentra® in accordance with an exclusive marketing and distribution arrangement with Nutragenesis LLC., in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Lucien Hernandez, President and CEO of Natreon, commented that “This adds important depth to our Sensoril® and Essentra® intellectual property that our customers can use to protect their brand franchises. And it’s significant recognition of the many years we spent perfecting this technology.”

Suzzanne McNeary, President of NutraGenesis, added “We’re gratified that Natreon continuously seeks to add significant intellectual properties to Sensoril® and Essentra®’s outstanding portfolio of patents. Obviously these intellectual properties translate to potent scientific and marketing credentials for our valued Sensoril® and Essentra® customers.”

About Natreon, Inc.
With US headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ and a research center in Kolkata, India, Natreon’s vision is to develop and market pharmaceutical quality nutraceuticals, protected by intellectual property and proven by clinical and safety studies. Natreon’s research and development team includes seven Ph. D. researchers and seven Ph. D. candidates, working under the leadership of Dr. Shibnath Ghosal, a world-renowned natural product scientist. For more information on Natreon Inc., please visit

About NutraGenesis
NutraGenesis is a diversified nutraceutical product marketing company dedicated to the development and commercialization of proprietary, scientifically researched, health-promoting ingredients. NutraGenesis strives to develop strong, mutually beneficial strategic alliances with its customers by providing proprietary nutraceutical products addressing today’s most pressing health issues. For more information on NutraGenesis, please visit

For more information, or to arrange an interview with a company spokesperson, please contact Tamara York at ADinfinitum, 212 693-2150, Ext 314, or email at [email protected].


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