Natrol Announces Natrol Stress & Anxiety: DAY & NITE

Natrol, Inc., a premier marketer, manufacturer, and distributor of nationally branded nutritional products, has announced its newest nutritional supplement -- Natrol(R) Stress & Anxiety: DAY & NITE -- that includes two effective formulas.+

Natrol's DAY formula helps reduce anxiety and supports calm focus, relaxation, and a positive mood. It features 5-HTP, B Vitamins (folic acid, B6, and B12), and L-Theanine for anxiety reduction and for supporting a smooth transition to evening activities, for better sleep preparation. 5-HTP is a drug-free, plant-derived source of an amino acid that naturally enhances mood by balancing the body's Serotonin -- the chemical messenger affecting emotions, behavior, appetite, thought, and sleep. Theanine, extracted from green tea leaves, helps with non-drowsy relaxation and calmness.+

Natrol's NITE formula is a drug-free and non-habit forming product for the 52 percent of Americans who feel fatigued, lie awake at night, and can't sleep(2). This supplement features Melatonin and L-Glutamine, as well as extracts of Valerian and Grape Seed. Scientific evidence suggests this formula may help reduce nighttime anxiety so consumers can fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer. Powerful antioxidants (Melatonin and Vitamin E), and Calcium help restore and repair the body's cells while sleeping.+

"According to recent research by the National Sleep Foundation, more than 100 million Americans are losing sleep over the U.S. economy(3)," says Dr. Michael T. Yatcilla, Natrol's Vice President of Research and Development. He continues, "Without proper rest, people can become irritable and more stressed, not to mention unhealthy and unproductive due to lack of energy. Natrol(R) Stress & Anxiety: DAY & NITE offers an effective solution that can be combined with simple, everyday coping mechanisms." +

Some de-stressing activities that can help consumers reduce anxiety and occasional insomnia, and maintain a balanced life include the following:
-- Get in motion - From yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates, to a jog or a brisk walk, exercise can release endorphins, reduce stress, and help maintain good health. Even better would be to get some fresh air and enjoy a good-weather day by exercising outdoors in nature (such as at the beach, mountains, park, etc.).
-- Phone a pal - Create a support system of friends and family to share feelings of anxiety. This support system can provide coping advice and encouragement.
-- Write it down - Oftentimes, it's challenging to "turn off" worry, which can lead to sleeplessness. To de-stress, try expressing anxious feelings in a journal. Also write positive notes of gratitude such as goals achieved and other things to be thankful for.
-- Take time out - Take a break with some "me" time...enjoy a funny movie or light reading.
-- Volunteer for charity - Helping others who are less fortunate can provide perspective on life's important priorities.
Natrol(R) Stress & Anxiety: Effective DAY & NITE is 100 percent vegetarian and is available starting May 2009 (average U.S. SRP - $9.99 for 10 DAY tablets and 10 NITE tablets). One DAY tablet can be taken daily with food, and one NITE tablet can be taken nightly before bedtime. Natrol(R) Stress & Anxiety: Effective DAY & NITE is part of Natrol's successful line of mood and sleep support products including:
-- Natrol(R) Mood Positive(R) 5-HTP -- An advanced formula that, taken regularly, can help reduce anxiety, boost feelings of happiness and wellbeing, and assist mood regulation for a more positive outlook, relaxation, and even appetite control. This supplement has B Vitamins, Theanine, and 5-HTP (average U.S. SRP - 19.99 for 50 vegetarian tablets);+
-- Natrol(R) 5-HTP Time-Release 200mg -- A drug-free, plant-derived amino acid source that naturally increases the body's level of serotonin -- a chemical messenger affecting emotions, behavior, appetite, thought, and sleep -- to help promote relaxation, calm, and greater appetite control, and to help support a more positive mood (average U.S. SRP - $24.99 for 30 tablets, sold as 50mg and 100mg formulas; a 100mg Time-Release formula called 5-HTP Mood Enhancer is sold at Costco);+
-- Natrol(R) SAMe (S-Adenosyl-Methionine) -- An amino acid naturally produced by the body. Many clinical studies exist regarding the use of SAMe supplementation to enhance mood and promote a positive outlook (average U.S. SRP - $20.99 for 20 enteric-coated, vegetarian tablets); and,+
-- Natrol(R) Melatonin Time Release (3mg) -- A convenient drug-free sleep aid for relief of occasional insomnia (melatonin is the body's natural sleep hormone). This supplement can be taken for a good night's sleep, to help consumers fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night (average U.S. SRP - $7.49 for 100 tablets).+

Natrol products are offered by U.S. health food, drug and grocery stores, mass-market retailers,, and other online retailers. More information is available at, or by calling 1-800-2-NATROL (1-800-262-8765), or emailing

Natrol, Inc., headquartered in Chatsworth, CA, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited. Plethico Pharmaceuticals Limited (BSE: 532739.BO: PLETHICO), an herbal/nutraceutical-focused Indian Company, engages in the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of pharmaceutical and allied healthcare products in India and internationally.

Natrol, Inc. has a portfolio of health and wellness brands representing quality nutritional supplements, functional herbal teas, and sports nutrition products. Established in 1980, Natrol's portfolio of brands includes: Natrol(R), MRI, Prolab(R), BioSil(R), Laci Le Beau(R), Promensil(R), Trinovin(R), Nu Hair(R), and Shen Min(R). The company also manufactures supplements for its own brands and on behalf of third parties. Natrol distributes products nationally through more than 54,000 retailers, as well as internationally in over 40 other countries through distribution partners and its UK subsidiary.

Consumer needs are central to Natrol's focus. The company pledges to deliver nutritional products with uncompromised service, quality, and innovation through the best that science, nature, and technology can offer. For more information, call 1-800-2-NATROL (1-800-262-8765) or visit

BioSil(R) is a trademark of and manufactured by Bio Minerals n.v., Belgium.

(1) Source: "Sour economy has put 40% of Americans on edge," USA Today, March 12, 2009
(2) Source: American Psychological Association - 2008 Stress in America
(3) Source: "Economy affecting sleep, poll finds," The Washington Times, March 3, 2009

+These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if you have or suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or lactating.

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