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Natrol Launches New Advanced Time-Release Products

CHATSWORTH, Calif., Mar 28, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) --
To meet consumer demand for time-release nutraceuticals, Natrol, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTOL), a premier manufacturer and distributor of nationally branded nutritional products, has introduced a new line of controlled-release supplements with state-of-the-art delivery systems offering all-day and all-night nutrition.

Natrol's unique new product line is the first of its kind to contain advanced technologies that modify the release of nutrients over time, thus enabling the body to more fully utilize these nutrients. Natrol's new supplements offer sustained-release, delayed-release, fast-and-prolonged-release, and biphasic-release (combining delayed- and immediate-release) technologies to control the level of nutrients that the body absorbs, deposits, metabolizes and eliminates over time, thus maximizing health benefits.

According to Dr. Michael Yatcilla, Natrol's Vice President of Research and Development, "With today's hectic work, travel, and family schedules, many people don't have time to think about when to take their supplements throughout the day or night. For these people, Natrol designed a new line of modified-release supplements that provide scientifically optimal nutrient dosing over time for maximum effectiveness."

The all-new line of Natrol time-release supplements includes the following products:

-- "Sustained-Release" -- Natrol(R) Niacin-TR 500 mg Time-Release -- With one tablet taken once daily with meals, this supplement's time-release technology provides an advanced Niacin delivery system that allows for zero flush. Flushing is an effect associated with traditional dosing that leads to red, itchy skin. Also known as Vitamin B-3, Niacin can play an important role in cholesterol metabolism and cellular energy production. Average U.S. SRP is $10.99 for 100 tablets.*

-- "Delayed-Release" -- Natrol(R) Ester-C(R) 500 mg Time-Release+ -- With one tablet taken up to twice daily with meals, the 12-hour time-release of Ester-C slows down the typically fast release of the vitamin to allow for maximum absorption and retention. Ester-C is a unique and patented form of Vitamin C that contains naturally occurring metabolites, which may help the body to better retain vitamin C in the tissues for immunity and antioxidant protection, as well as adrenal, cardiovascular, joint, liver, skin and vision health support. Made with a proprietary, water-based manufacturing process, Ester-C is a non-acidic, pH-neutral product that is gentle on the digestive system. Vitamin C is also a key collagen builder. Average U.S. SRP is $9.99 for 100 tablets.*

-- "Fast-and-Prolonged-Release" -- Natrol(R) CoQ-10 100 mg Time-Release -- Traditional CoQ-10 supplements are released very slowly. Natrol designed this supplement with a unique delivery system that allows for both rapid and prolonged absorption of CoQ-10 throughout the day. An essential cellular component that promotes energy production, CoQ-10 has been shown to play a major role in promoting cardiovascular health, and in ATP (Adenosine 5'-triphosphate) production, which stimulates the body's metabolism. With one vegetarian capsule taken once daily with meals, CoQ-10 also acts as a powerful antioxidant that can reduce oxidative damage to cells and help defend the body against free radicals that may accelerate aging and diminish optimal health. Average U.S. SRP is $18.99 for 30 vegetarian capsules.*

-- "Biphasic-Release" -- Natrol(R) Melatonin 5 mg Time-Release++ -- With one tablet taken twenty minutes before bedtime, Natrol's novel patent-pending biphasic delivery system releases Melatonin in two stages -- quickly (phase one) within one hour to help in falling asleep fast, and steadily (phase two) over eight hours to help in staying asleep all night. Melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone, aids in regulating circadian rhythms. Produced in the brain, Melatonin is released in response to light changes, with higher levels at night. Melatonin can help promote sleep, especially for seniors. Average U.S. SRP is $9.99 for 100 tablets.*

Natrol's time-release products are available at mass market-retailers, such as Walgreens, in drug, grocery, and health food stores, and from For more information, interested persons can go to or call 1-800-2-NATROL (1-800-262-8765).

About Natrol - Nourishing the Potential of Mind and Body (SM)

Natrol, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTOL), headquartered in Chatsworth, CA, has a portfolio of health and wellness brands representing quality nutritional supplements, functional herbal teas, and sports nutrition products. Established in 1980, Natrol's portfolio of brands includes: Natrol(R), Prolab(R), Laci Le Beau(R), Promensil(R), Trinovin(R), Nu Hair(R) and Shen Min(R). The company also manufactures supplements for its own brands and on behalf of third parties.

Natrol distributes products nationally through more than 54,000 retailers, as well as internationally in over 40 other countries through distribution partners and a wholly owned subsidiary in the UK. Natrol's dedication to quality is evidenced by its commitment to high manufacturing standards, earning the company an "A" rating from the Natural Products Association's Good Manufacturing Practices ("GMP") Certification Program--a designation achieved by less than ten percent of U.S. nutrition companies. For more information, visit

+ Ester-C(R) is a licensed trademark of Zila Nutraceuticals, Inc.

++ This product is intended for occasional sleeplessness.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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