NattoGold’s Improved Manufacturing Process Allows Consumers Whole Food Benefits of Natto

LOS ANGELES, California – December 21st, 2007 – NattoGold® is a new whole food form of Nattokinase with all the healthy probiotic and Vitamin K2 (MK-7) benefits found in the popular Japanese dish of fermented soy beans. Since it’s truly fermented Nattokinase sequenced and analyzed fully to Dr. Sumi's original research which isolated the profibrinolytic enzyme from natto, consumers are finally getting the full health effects of Nattokinase consumption.

Growing interest in this next generation of Nattokinase hasn’t gone unnoticed by NattoGold’s supplier, Novel Ingredient Services.

“The feedback from our leading edge customers has been resounding positive.” says Robert DeJesus, Marketing Coordinator at Novel Ingredients. “NattoGold’s processing retains the closest chemical profile to the natto food source and this has been an important requirement from the manufacturer’s standpoint.”

NattoGold’s improved Nattokinase enzyme production process closely matches the classic dish of Natto in structure and benefits including standardization of Vitamin K2 (MK-7) levels and the high probiotic activity. The probiotic Bacillus subtilis is a healthy bacterium that helps digestion and prevention of gastrointestinal tract infections. Research suggests that the Nattokinase enzyme itself assists the body by promoting the profibrinolytic activity of dissolving excess fibrin in the veins. Reduced fibrin is known to improve circulation, clot dissolution and supports positive cardiovascular properties.

About Novel Ingredient Services

Novel Ingredient Services is a preferred supplier of botanical and nutraceutical raw materials within the dietary supplement and functional food industries. The company maintains two offices with distribution warehouses on both coasts and a nationwide sales team to service clients on a national basis. Our dedication to providing optimal value, consistent satisfaction and customer confidence has helped Novel Ingredient Services develop a reputation for superior quality and service. The company recently formed a strategic alliance with The Ingredient House with a focus on supplying quality, cost effective ingredients to the food and beverage markets.


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