Natur-L Nutrient Labs Targets Low-Carb Dieters with Potassium Xtra; a Potassium Supplement That Offers High Potency, Mild Taste

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 11-- Natur-L Nutrient Labs LLC ( today announced the availability of Potassium Xtra, a gentle high-potency supplement without a harsh taste. Potassium Xtra targets a broad range of people requiring potassium supplementation, including low-carb dieters, athletes or those who lose electrolytes by sweating, taking diuretics, the elderly, etc.

Potassium Xtra is easily absorbed, natural, and organic. It comes in a powdered form easily mixed with beverages for consumption. No pills. Just mix it with your favorite beverage and drink.

Potassium Xtra delivers over 33 percent elemental potassium, in contrast to other sources of potassium that deliver less than 17 percent.

About Natur-L Nutrient Labs

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona Natur-L Nutrient Labs LLC was founded in 2003 to provide the highest quality potassium supplement in a non-pill form.

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