Naturade Introduces Diet Lean(TM), a Line of Natural Weight Loss Products To Help Retailers Fill the Billion Dollar Ephedra Gap and Respond to the Low-Carb Consumer

IRVINE, CA - 10 March 04 - Naturade, Inc., has launched a new line of five weight-loss products under the Diet Lean™ brand name to meet the needs of consumers anxious to find an alternative to ephedra and to help fill the billion dollar gap on retailers’ store shelves left by the FDA’s ban. Products are available for immediate shipment to retailers.

The Diet Lean™ product line includes:
Diet Lean™ Low-Carb Dieter’s Shake: available in chocolate and vanilla, this great-tasting fortified shake can be used as a meal replacement or a filling snack, and has only one net carb - a third of the net carbs of the leading brand; Diet Lean™ Carb Blocker: with Phase 2®, clinically proven to block the absorption of up to 66% of starch calories, so dieters can still eat their favorite foods without gaining weight; Diet Lean™ Body Fat Regulator: with Tonalin® CLA, clinically proven to improve body composition by helping reduce body fat and increase lean body mass; Diet Lean™ Weight Loss Multivitamin: more than just a multivitamin, this formula also boosts metabolism, converts foods to energy and helps maintain normal blood sugar and; Diet Lean™ Fiber Supplement: delivers the essential fiber that low-carb dieters need to maintain daily regularity, while providing a feeling of fullness.

“Uniquely, consumers can ‘mix and match’ our five new products to support their individual weight loss efforts regardless of whether they’re cutting carbs, eating low fat or simply reducing calories,” says Bill Stewart, Naturade CEO.

“If there is one truth when it comes to weight loss, it’s that no one plan works for everyone,” Stewart explains. With five products to choose from ­- and mix and match - Diet Lean™ addresses the needs of the entire dieting population, not just one niche. “Consumers can use several of these products simultaneously to support their own eating and exercise program,” he adds. Each product is backed by a money-back guarantee, so consumers can shop risk-free.

“We’re teaming up with major brands such as Tonalin® and Phase 2® to attack the weight-loss market with products that have been proven to work in hundreds of scientific studies over the last 20 years,” Stewart adds. “The same clinical studies that show visible fat reduction also provide strong evidence that these natural dietary supplements are safe for use in humans,” he says.

“For retailers, our partnerships also mean hundreds of millions of media impressions to help move the Diet Lean products, with these ingredients, off the shelves. By merchandising the whole line together, retailers are going to have great success because the products fill every dieting need. Plus, the strong Diet Lean™ name and eye-catching packaging will create a tremendous shelf presence,” Stewart states.

The Diet Lean™ line also capitalizes on the low-carb phenomenon. “Low-carb is to the 21st Century what low-fat was to the 20th Century,” Stewart says.

A randomized, controlled low-carb study printed last year in the New England Journal of Medicine found that followers of the low-carb diet experienced greater weight loss in a six-month period than conventional low-fat, high-carb dieters - 13 pounds compared to four. By introducing products aimed at low-carb dieters, Diet Lean™ is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the hottest trend in weight loss.

Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Naturade provides healthy solutions for weight loss consistent with its commitment - since 1926 - to improve the health and well-being of consumers with innovative, natural products. Its premier product, Naturade Total Soy®, is a complete line of ready-to-drink and ready-to-eat shake mix and bar meal replacement products for weight loss and cholesterol reduction sold at major supermarket and club, health food, drug and mass merchandise stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Well-known for over 50 years of leadership in soy protein, Naturade also markets a complete line of protein boosters for low carbohydrate dieters.

The Company recently expanded into the Sports Nutrition category with the SportPharma® brand of products. Naturade’s other products include Calcium Shake™, Naturade Total Soy Menopause Relief™, Power Shake®, Quick Fizz™ and Aloe Vera 80®.

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