Natural Alternatives International Gifts Two Thousand Impoverished Mississippi Children with On-Going Nutritional Support

Vitamin Relief USA to Distribute daily Vitamins to Hurricane Victims and Poverty Stricken Students

Ojai, California, December 20, 2005- Natural Alternatives International (NAI) has generously pledged to provide two thousand bottles per month of children’s chewable vitamins to Vitamin Relief USA (VRUSA). In total this contribution will number almost 2.9 million high quality multi-vitamin/mineral tablets in 2006.

Vitamin Relief USA will distribute the vitamins to impoverished students and young victims of Hurricane Katrina. The Mississippi Delta is home to some of our nation’s poorest families. Home visits from teachers and the principal of Ruleville Elementary in Ruleville, MS provided evidence that the only food some of these children received was the breakfast and lunch programs at school. In addition, many families displaced by Hurricane Katrina are braving the winter’s cold this holiday in tents in the Mississippi Delta. NAI children’s vitamins will be distributed to many children of these families as well as needy students in and around the area of Ruleville, MS.

“We are very grateful to NAI for their substantial gift during this holiday season. The donation of daily vitamins for these children is a gift that will greatly benefit their lives,” says VRUSA Executive Director Michael Morton. “These severely challenged children will stay healthier, be more resilient and resourceful because of NAI’s great generosity.”

NAI CEO Mark LeDoux added, “As a world leader in the science of nutrition, NAI is committed to one of its credos to ‘Enrich the world through the best of nutrition.’ We are especially pleased to help those in need by providing this donation to Vitamin Relief.”

Vitamin Relief USA ( is a (501-3C) non-profit organization whose national initiative distributes daily vitamins to over 17,000 poor and needy children at over 550 sites in 40 states. Initial results of this program have been so dramatic – reduced illness, better grades and school attendance, longer attention span – that the U.S. Congress awarded Vitamin Relief USA a $500,000 earmarked appropriation to formally study the results.

Natural Alternatives International, Inc. ( founded in 1980, is an industry leader in the field of nutritional science, dedicated to offering the highest quality of products and services to its international clientele. With strategically placed facilities in the United States and Switzerland, and sales operations in Japan, NAI is able to fulfill the needs of its customers around the world.


Michael Morton
(805) 640-7412
[email protected]

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